Cheating scandals to getting back together: Inside Ekin-Su and Davide’s whirlwind summer

It’s been a lot to keep on top of!

It’s been a long, hot summer for Love Island 2022 winners Davide and Ekin-Su – who have gone from being surrounded by cheating scandals and rumours, to getting back together.

From around April this year it’s all been kicking off for the pair, who split up in June but now seem to be back on and enjoying a holiday together.

But how did it all pan out? Here’s a rundown of the summer that went from Ekin-Su and Davide breaking up, to them getting back together and nature healing.

Davide was accused of messaging other women and an entire cheating scandal broke out

The whole drama started in April, when Davide was accused of seeing other women whilst Ekin-Su was away at a beauty event. Ekin-Su was in Belfast at a signing with a beauty brand, and Davide apparently was texting and meeting up with models.

The Sun reported Ekin-Su had been suspicious something was going on between Davide and two other women, and found messages on his phone which left her “fuming and upset”. He is also reported to have met up with the girls in Manchester.

Ekin-Su and Davide then went on a make or break holiday

Ekin-Su and Davide then travelled to Amsterdam for what was being called a “make or break holiday”. They were surrounded by split rumours, and fans noticed Ekin-Su didn’t post any photos with Davide, all her photos were alone. The holiday was reportedly “a bid for Davide to clear the air” and a “desperate attempt to win Ekin-Su over again”.

Texts ‘leaked’ which were apparently sent from Ekin-Su to women Davide had seen

The Sun reported Ekin-Su sent a “tirade” of messages in a rant to a model over rumours she slept with Davide. In the messages to Harriet Wilson, which The Sun is claiming to have seen, Ekin-Su is said to have called her a “f***ing s**g” for “sleeping with my boyfriend” and warned her: “You’re finished.”

Ekin-Su and Davide broke up in June this summer, apparently because he felt overshadowed in the relationship

In June, it was announced Love Island winners Davide and Ekin-Su had split up. According to reports, Davide was the one who ended the relationship – and it was due to him feeling as though he was “in her shadow” and because she viewed them as a “money making brand.” Davide moved out of the Manchester home they shared together.

Announcing their split, Davide said: “Ekin-Su and I are no longer together. I am grateful for the memories and opportunities we shared together and I wish her nothing but the best. I would like for everybody to respect this decision during this difficult time. I will continue to support Ekin in anyway possible.”

However, a source claimed previous cheating rumours and Davide’s partying was when “cracks began to show.” A source close to Davide said: “He felt swamped in the relationship, like he had totally lost his identity. He felt he was in Ekin’s shadow, with no room to grow.

“And he felt she cared more about them as a money-making brand than as a love match. He had been wanting to end it for some time. Davide didn’t want to move in with her as he knew it would be harder to leave.”

Rumours began circulating that Ekin-Su and Davide had got back together

It wasn’t long after the breakup was announced when people started to think the pair might have reunited. They were spotted at the ITV summer party and seen getting in a taxi home together. Ekin-Su even posted a selfie in the taxi, conveniently cropping Davide out.

Ekin-Su confirmed they were still on ‘good terms’ despite the breakup

Shortly after these rumours, Ekin-Su posted a statement clapping back at news reports that she had “taken a swipe” at Davide in an interview.

Speaking to the MailOnline at her BPerfect summer lunch event she said: “If you’re in a relationship coming out of the villa you need to realise you’re in a relationship. You need to realise there is a lot of eyes on you and live it privately, have your own space and trust your partner, communicate with your partner, don’t rush to live with them straight away.”

She added: “Stay true to yourself and be who you are and don’t let game change you.”

Following this, Ekin-Su added a statement to her Instagram story confirming these comments weren’t intended as a “swipe” at Davide. “There’s been a lot of speculation over the status of myself and Davide’s relationship in recent weeks,” she said. “Usually these headlines are misleading. I wasn’t taking a ‘swipe’ at Davide like a recent article stated.

“Despite the narratives, @davidesancli and I are on good terms, we both care about each other and I think everyone should respect that. Lots of love Ekin x.”

Ekin-Su and Davide have posted and confirmed they’re back together!

The summer posts confirming Ekin-Su and Davide from Love Island 2022 are back together

via Instagram

It looks like it’s now finally been confirmed as back on, as the couple have posted pictures from a cute dinner on a current holiday in Turkey – celebrating Ekin-Su’s 29th birthday.

Davide shared a picture of himself at the table, and then a picture of Ekin-Su with a cake. He wrote: “Despite all the storms, I wanted to make this day special for you… Enjoy the moment, make a wish, and blow hard. Happy birthday @ekinsuofficial.”

Ekin-Su then shared the snap to her story, and added: “Surprising me like always, thank you for a good birthday.” They’re back on! It’s official!

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