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Amsterdam stag and hen do story of glory hole gone wrong, Charlotte Walton

This horrific story of a hen and stag do in Amsterdam is going viral and I feel sick

Warning: This is definitely not content you want to read in front of your parents

Right now there’s a pretty disturbing story of an hen and stag do in Amsterdam that goes very wrong going viral, and honestly, it’s horrific.The story is being shared across Twitter and WhatsApp, and is one of those classic urban myth style stories that is so gross you struggle to believe it.

Content warning: This is absolutely horrific sexual content.

There’s no point trying to give you a pretty into into what this story is about, we’re going to have to get straight into it. So here goes.The story going around on Twitter contains voice notes on Instagram from a girl called Charlotte Walton. She describes how she’s “literally telling everyone” her story because it’s “so horrific.”

She says her friend Amelia has a friend called Ellie who is in a house share in London. Ellie shares with a bunch of girls, and one of the girls told her she had just been on a hen do in Amsterdam, where the stag do was there too, the whole thing was joint. They’re a mixed social group of people who all know each other, so decided to do one big event all together.

She said one of the days all the girls on the hen decided to go one way, and the boys on the stag decided to go another. One of the girls with the hens got “super drunk” and went into a booth with a glory hole. Being drunk, the girl just decided to give head to the guy on the other side of the wall through the hole.

Then there’s a twist. Apparently there’s a button in these booths, where if both people push it they can reveal the identity of the person on the other side, as the wall becomes see through like a window.

Again, being drunk the girl thought it would be hilarious to see who it had been. She pushes the button, looks up, and it’s…. her dad. From the stag do.