Love Is Blind babies

Love Is Blind babies: All the previous cast members who now have children

Shaina has just given birth!

Love Is Blind is all about making the ultimate commitment to someone – without ever having seen them. So it’s no surprise that soon after, people await the news of Love Is Blind couples embracing married life, moving in together and maybe having babies.

The first couples from the show have announced they have babies on the way, and a few Love Is Blind cast members have children with people they’ve met since – here’s who.

Bliss Poureetezadi-Goytowski and Zack Goytowski

Bliss and Zack were the first couple from Love Is Blind to announce they are expecting a baby together. They are due in spring 2024, and Bliss said they had been trying for a child and found out they were pregnant on her mother’s birthday.

Zack and Bliss had a rocky road to love on the show, with Zack first proposing to Irina, before calling that off and proposing to Bliss later on in the process. They have since celebrated their one year anniversary together.

Alexa and Brennon Lemieux

Season three couple Alexa and Brennon have also announced they are expecting a baby, due in 2024. The couple said their vows on the third season of the show and have been together since, and are now the second couple from the show to announce they are expecting a child. Their new arrival is due in the summer.

“We wanted this to happen and so we’re just grateful to be here,” Alexa told People Magazine. “It’s been such a big part of my life [and] I’m the worst secret keeper … so I’m ready for it to be out there!

“I just love looking in the mirror, because I remember not being pregnant and looking in the mirror and [thinking], ‘Oh, I just can’t wait for something to be there.’ Now there is, and I’m like, I love it! I just lay my hands on my stomach and just rub it all the time. I’m obsessed.”

Mark Anthony Cuevas

Mark moved on pretty quickly from his wedding heartbreak with Jessica in season one, and is now the first Love Is Blind cast member to have two babies with someone new.

He’s married to Aubrey Rainey, and they have two sons. Aubrey gave birth to their first son, Ace, in 2021 and nine months later (yep, that soon!) they welcome a second son, Axton. Mark and Aubrey have been together since summer 2019 and got married in September 2022.

Bartise Bowden

As season four of Love Is Blind was released, season three’s Bartise shook us all and announced he’s a father! “Might’ve been the villain on TV, but I’m gonna be the hero for him,” he posted on Instagram.

The baby was reportedly born in December 2022, right after filming for Perfect Match, which Bartise also took part in, ended. It doesn’t look as though Bartise and his baby’s mother are together, with him telling Netflix he’s single and dating again since both shows.

Bartise made a cameo appearance at the Love Is Blind season four reunion, where he shared his son is called Hayden and will *never* watch his season of the show. It’s probably for the best.

Jessica Batten

In March 2020, Jessica announced she was dating foot and ankle surgeon Benjamin McGrath, and they’ve since got married and welcomed their first child together. When she first announced her baby news, Jessica said she is due in early June, and “excited and humbled” about welcoming a baby into the world.

Jessica posted to say she gave birth on June 9th, to a little boy called Dax.

Shaina Hurley

Shaina from season two of Love Is Blind has had her first baby since the show. Shaina didn’t find love on Netflix, and shortly after her season aired aired revealed she was marrying someone else.

Shaina has since shared she is with new man, Christos Lardakis. In March 2022 it was revealed they had been dating for over a year, since the show that was filmed well in advance of airing ended, and were engaged. They got married officially on July 2nd in a courthouse in Chicago, but had a wedding ceremony in Greece later that month.

In February 2024 the couple welcomed a little boy, Yiorgos David Lardakis.

Giannina ‘Gigi’ Gibelli

Giannina “Gigi” Gibelli from season one of Love Is Blind has announced she is pregnant with her first child, with boyfriend Blake Horstmann from The Bachelorette.

“We are completely over the moon,” the couple told E! News. “It was the best surprise we could have asked for and we can’t wait to meet our little angel in just a few more months.” Their baby is due in spring 2024.


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