Inside the incredible house Emily and Cam from Too Hot To Handle have just moved into

They have bifold doors the entire length of the house leading out to a canal, I am wowing

Emily and Cam from Netflix series Too Hot To Handle have just moved into a new house together, and honestly, it looks incredible. The couple met on the second series of the show, and have quickly become everyone’s faves.

Emily and Cam have had their fair share of ups and downs since the Netflix dating series, admitting they did take some time away from each other when cheating rumours started circulating, but now they are living their best lives in a swanky new home together.

Giving us a tour on YouTube, Emily and Cam have showed us all around their house and said a bit more about what their plans are for it next. The house is super modern, and the downstairs is all open plan, with skylights, bright wood and loads of space.

The couple, who have been together for two years, then show us around their lounge, with Emily saying she hates the sofas but they’re going to get rid of them soon. Onto the kitchen and ofc it’s kitted out. Emily shows off a fancy plug socket which rises up from the kitchen island, and they have matching Aēsop hand sets and a drinks’ trolley.

Very important information: They have an extremely full fridge, most of which is taken up by Cam’s “meat” and Emily just has a small section for vegan bits. Cute.

They also show us around Emily’s makeup room and their dressing room. They also each have their own bathrooms, naturally. Emily’s is bigger, and her bath is filled with… makeup? Sure.

Now, onto where they say “the magic happens”. The bedroom. It’s all very neutral looking, with cream walls and beige bedding, but Cam says this room is unfinished, and they still have plans to add things like bedside tables and a TV. The window in the bedroom is huge, from floor to ceiling.

Outside the house is such a wow. They have bifold doors which stretch all along the back of the house, and open up out onto a terrace overlooking a canal. They also have a rooftop to enjoy when the sun’s out. I’m jealous.

They also have a huuuuge room outside, which is just for content?! It looks like a massive open studio style room, and all that’s in it right now are a few ring lights and spotlights. Round a corner in the room, Cam has his studio, where he makes music. It features a desk, mic, piano and some seating.

Oh, and they have a cupboard full of Prime. What else!

I’m obsessed.

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