A feud breaks out between Kady and Molly tonight as Kady makes an unexpected announcement

At this point, does anyone in that villa like each other?

Another feud is set to break out on Love Island 2023 tonight, as Kady makes a shock announcement to the villa, leaving Molly very much unimpressed.

Last night we saw Molly half-shade Jess and Sammy for going exclusive, making a lowkey comment about herself and Zach having already closed off with one another, but not feeling the need to tell everyone. Kady was quite shocked by this revelation, and now takes it upon herself to let the fellow Islanders know the news.

Love Island 2023 tonight sees Kady and Molly heat up

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As night falls at the villa, the Islanders gather in the garden and prepare to toast the evening ahead. Kady raises her glass as she says: “Well, let’s cheers to an eventful day, a good day, great people, honest opinions and maybe not so honest opinions, let’s have a good night.”

As her fellow Islanders raise a toast, Kady has another message as she says: “Also, congrats to Zach and Molly to being officially closed off.” This revelation seems to catch Zach off guard as he sarcastically says: “Wow, what a cheers…I ain’t even cheersing to that.”

Seemingly unaware of this news, Mitch adds: “What? You didn’t tell us about that!” Molly shakes her head as she says: “Yeah, she just brought it up, thanks babe.”

There’s already been a lot of bubbling tension between Molly and Kady, with Kady being the reason Molly was initially dumped from Love Island earlier in the series. People also speculated Molly and Kady “hate each other” when Kady came back single from Casa Amor, to see Molly back and coupled up with Zach.


Will this comment tip them over the edge and cause a huge rift moving forward? Give me drama!

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