Love Island 2023 web: How the cast members secretly knew each other before the show

How do you go about getting yourself into these social circles please?

Every year it becomes apparent that Islanders know each other – and the web of connections between the cast of Love Island 2023 is one of the messiest yet.

Honestly, the producers have their circle of people they like to cherry pick from for the show, and they stick to it. It seems like every Islander has at least one connection to someone who has been on the show before – and nothing is sacred.

So, here’s the official Love Island 2023 web, documenting exactly which Islanders already knew each other before the show, and if they’re secretly mates with Islanders from other seasons. It truly is all about who you know.

Olivia Hawkins and Haris Namani

Love Island 2023 web

via ITV

Within minutes of the show starting we had our first entry in the Love Island 2023 web. As she walked into the villa, boxer Haris said he recognised Olivia from her ring girling. What a small world, ey?

Olivia Hawkins and Zara Lackenby-Brown

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When Zara entered the show as a bombshell, it was quickly revealed she had known Olivia for years. Which seemed weird, as they had beef with each other in the villa and were acting like they’d never met.

It turns out Olivia and Zara had been commenting on each other’s Instagrams for years, saying they “love” one another, and had even been in a music video together. Dumped Islanders have since confirmed they knew each other but didn’t say anything on the show, and when Zara left the villa she said she knew Olivia “in a work setting”.

Rosie Seabrook and Lana Jenkins

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New bombshell Rosie apparently has “history” with Lana, which could be messy. Yep! Remember when Lana spilled all about her ex being Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner? Well, it turns out Rosie apparently knows him too. Yikes!

Zara Lackenby-Brown and Demi Jones

Love Island 2023 web

via ITV

No speculation to be had here, Zara and previous winter Islander Demi Jones are actually best friends. When Zara was in the villa, Demi was quick to defend her bestie saying she’s “not a game player” and is confident and “knows her worth”. Demi said she and Zara are friends from home – Zara is from London and Demi is from Portsmouth, but Zara studied for uni in Portsmouth.

Olivia Hawkins and Demi Jones

This is honestly a mess – but yeah, Olivia, Zara and Demi all know each other. Confirming Zara and Olivia knew each other before the villa, Demi told The Sun she too knew Olivia and said they’d been “friends for years”.

Samie Elishi and Biggs Chris

via ITV

A rogue one, but Samie and Biggs from the 2020 winter series used to date! Biggs, who is now dating a girl called Sumerica, said: “Sumerica and I were watching Love Island together when Samie first arrived at the villa. I saw her hair, then her face and thought: ‘Hang on. I know you’. Sumerica saw my face drop and asked: ‘Is there something you want to tell me?’ I tried to lie but it didn’t work. She can read me like a book.”

He said he met Samie shortly after he split up with Rebecca Gormley, who he left the 2020 villa with. “Samie and I had a fling after a boozy night in London,” he said. “We were at an after party with loads of people and ended up having a bit of a fun night. She has no fear and goes for what she wants. She’s a really nice girl and I think she’ll spice up the villa.”

Olivia Hawkins and Jack Fowler

Love Island 2023 web

via YouTube

Before Love Island, Olivia went on a speed dating challenge with Love Island season four bombshell, Jack Fowler. In an ad with FootAsylum, Olivia was one of a number of girls who went on a date with Jack, Chunkz, Yung Filly and Harry Pinero, and had them battle to win her over.

During the dates, Olivia had multiple compliments on her looks, with one of the boys saying she was “amazing” looking. On their date, Jack told her: “You’re very, very attractive”, before she replied: “So are you. You’ve got nice eyes.”

Tom Clare and Luis Morrison

via ITV

Tom might be clued up on how to become a Love Island finalist, because it appears he’s mates with Luis Morrison, who made it all the way to the final in the very first season of the show. When Tom had first been announced as part of the cast, old comments from his pal Luis were all over his Instagram posts – but Tom has since limited comments so you can no longer see them. They were there though – I promise!

Olivia Hawkins and Amber Gill

Love Island 2023 web

via Instagram

Maybe Olivia has insight into how to do well on the show, too? She’s worked with Amber Gill before, who won Love Island 2019. On Instagram, Olivia has a highlight for all her acting and work. One shows her modelling some JD gear at Westfield shopping centre – and who’s there doing it with her? Our gal Amber is!

Tanyel Revan and Anna Vakili

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When the show first started, people drew parallels with Tanyel and 2019’s Anna, saying Tanyel could be the Anna of this season. That’s not too far from the truth, as the pair knew each other before Tanyel was on the show. The girls are both from London, and reportedly used to go on nights out together, when Tanyel was dating one of Anna’s friends.

Martin Akinola and Dami Hope

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Martin is good mates with Dami from last year! The two are actually really good friends and before entering the villa Dami gave Martin some advice. He told Martin: “Do your thing, be yourself and everyone else will get to know you, and get to see why we’re friends. You tell the boys on a night out, this is how to talk to a girl. Now go and show them how it’s done.”

Sanam Harrinanan and Deji Adeniyi

Love Island 2023 web

via ITV

Casa Amor gal Sanam is friends with Casa Amor 2022 boy, Deji. When she was announced as part of the cast for this year, Deji commented on the post from the official Love Island Instagram page, tagged her and said “go on girl”. We miss you, meme king.

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