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There were three more engagements in Love Is Blind season five that didn’t make the show

HOW did the producers still choose the hopeless couples we’re seeing?

Every season there are engagements on Love Is Blind that don’t make it to the final cut of the show, and during season five there were three couples who had a connection in the pods that we didn’t see.

Speaking to Variety, show creator Chris Coelen confirmed “there were multiple other couples that got engaged that were not followed.” He said:“Each season, there are are lots of stories that we don’t tell, regardless of whether couples get engaged or not. Some of them even, we will follow for a little bit and not show their story on the show… It’s a little bit of a judgement call.”

So, who were behind the Love Is Blind engagements that didn’t make it into season five? Here’s what happened.

Renee Poche and Carter Wall

More engagements from Love Is Blind season five that didn't make Netflix show

via Netflix

Renee and Carter, who you’ll recognise as coming along to the dramatic group meet up, were one of three engagements cut from season five of Love Is Blind. According to Insider, the couple got engaged in the pods and also applied for a marriage license in 2022, along with the couples we did see on the show.

In the parts of the show they appear in, you can see Renee wearing an engagement ring, but there’s no record of them actually getting wed, and neither Renee or Carter have spoken of their story being cut.

Paige Tillman and Josh Simmons

More engagements from Love Is Blind season five that didn't make Netflix show

via Instagram @paigetilly

Stylist Paige Tillman and sales rep Josh Simmons also got engaged in the pods. In a joint Instagram post, the couple confirmed the news, but said they broke off the engagement shortly after.

“We got engaged 🫶 Josh and I are so excited to share that we found love in the pods,” the post said. “We were each other’s first pod dates and number one picks from the beginning. Our story is filled with love, beautiful moments and happiness with no drama.

“After the show we stayed engaged and even planned our wedding. During the time we shared together we fell deeply in love and also found out we just wanted different things out of life. We made the hardest decision to end our engagement, we have nothing but love and respect for each other and always will. We are so grateful LIB brought us together and would do it all over again if we could 🤍”.

Tran Dang and Thomas Smith

Tran Dang and Thomas Smith weren’t listed in the cast for this season, which might give some sort of explanation as to why it seemed the show had less couples who got engaged being shown. A lawsuit has recently revealed Dang and Smith participated in filming for season five, but Dang sued her ex-fiancé Smith as well as the production companies behind Love Is Blind for sexual assault.

In the lawsuit, filed in August 2022 and still ongoing, she alleges producers imprisoned her and acted with negligence during filming. The producers have denied the allegations. The production companies said they were not aware of any wrongdoing, and in a statement said “we have no knowledge or control over what occurs in private living spaces when not filming.”

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