A brief history of all of Olivia’s desperate attempts to get famous before Love Island

From adverts to Netflix shows and Hollywood films, she’s truly done the lot

Every year there is at least one Islander who has made a few attempts at breaking the big time. Last year it was Ekin-Su with her claims to Turkish soaps fame, and this year the Love Island 2023 cast member who has made multiple attempts at becoming famous appears to be Olivia Hawkins.

She’s really done the lot. We’re talking cameo roles in soaps, edging her way into huge films, Netflix appearances and even popping up in music videos. Here is a rundown of all the times Olivia from Love Island has made attempts at getting famous. You have to respect the graft.

We all know now she has been a body double for a few famous faces

As soon as she was announced for the Love Island 2023 cast, it was said that Olivia has worked as a body double for Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson. A pretty big flex! It looks as though Olivia stood in for Michelle Keegan when she shot a Very campaign in 2017, and for Emma during the recent HBO reunion special of Harry Potter.

“A pleasure to be Emma Watson’s stand in 🤩 Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Out Now on HBO and Sky,” Olivia said on Instagram.

Olivia was also in a Bond film and a film with Jason Statham

Ok, Olivia’s biggest claim to fame is that she was in a Bond film, and a movie with Jason Statham. She can be seen in the background of Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film, No Time to Die, where she is a waitress in a scene in a Cuban nightclub.

Speaking about meeting Jason Statham, Olivia said: “I did a film with Jason Statham and had a nice 10-minute convo about life.” Just your every day at work, I guess.

Being a 2023 Islander isn’t the first time Olivia has been on Love Island!


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Shocker, this year isn’t Olivia’s first Love Island rodeo! In the very first episode of each season, viewers are shown a video of the Islanders leaving their day jobs to head to the villa, and back in 2019, Olivia featured in Joseph Garrett’s clip, ordering ice cream.

via ITV

She was also seen in a library in 2021 winner Liam Reardon’s promo clip, when he was first announced as a cast member. Now look at her! Growth!

She was in a cringe ad with FootAsylum

Olivia went on a speed dating challenge with Love Island season four bombshell, Jack Fowler. In an ad with FootAsylum, Olivia was one of a number of girls who went on a date with Jack, Chunkz, Yung Filly and Harry Pinero, and had them battle to win her over. During the dates, Olivia had multiple compliments on her looks, with one of the boys saying she was “amazing” looking.

She was an extra in EastEnders TWICE, and the episodes aired whilst she’s been in the villa!

Viewers of EastEnders all collectively thought they’d lost their minds, because Olivia showed up in two episodes… whilst she’s been in the villa. In one episode, Olivia made a brief cameo near the end, where she was seen side-eyeing Sam Mitchell. “Not me watching tonight’s EastEnders on iPlayer and Olivia from Love Island pops up as an extra,” one person said.

Following her first appearance in the soap, Olivia was on EastEnders again, the next week. This time, she was seen shopping at the clothes stall, alongside Whitney Dean.

Speaking ahead of her time in the villa, Olivia said she has a connection to Albert Square already. “I actually did [body] doubling for Whitney for one of the new year’s episodes,” she said, before admitting a role on the soap would be something she’d be up for. “So yeah, that would be a very full circle moment to go on and be one of the characters, even if it was just a drop in.”

Olivia has been an extra in a few other shows, including Top Boy on Netflix

Olivia Hawkins attempts to get famous before Love Island

via Instagram

On her Instagram, Olivia has a highlight dedicated to a lot of work as an extra. She has appeared in shows such as Netflix series Top Boy and Acorn TV show Queens of Mystery. She also played an air stewardess for the 2021 crime series, Grace.

And she’s been in some music videos

Ahead of her time in the villa, Olivia said she has starred in Craig David and DJ Tom Zanetti’s music videos. Plus, she has been a backing dancer for Charli XCX at a Wembley Arena concert!

… And this Amazon advert!

Olivia Hawkins attempts to get famous before Love Island

via Instagram

The grind truly never stops.

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