The toughest Love Island breakups to date, ranked by how much they actually hurt my heart

Sorry but why did Callum and Molly splitting strike such a chord?

Over the years, there have been some Love Island breakups that have truly hit different. I mean, I felt them in my soul and it was like I was going through it too.

It’s intense out here. We spend weeks watching the couples flourish every single day, then follow them on Insta and read articles about them all the time, so when it turns out that they don’t work out, it’s a sad business!

Try not to cry as we go through some of the saddest Love Island breakups of all time, ranked by just how heartbreaking they were to us all.

9. Millie and Liam

Tear jerk level: 3/10

Love Island couples and their breakups ranked by how sad they were

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It’s always sad when Love Island winners don’t work out, but it was particularly tough when it was Millie and Liam. Given Millie had taken Liam back after Casa, everyone was really hoping they’d stick to it. Plus, after leaving the villa they had this cute double-date lifestyle going on with Chloe and Toby, who moved into a house up the road, and it was all very wholesome.

Whilst this breakup was tragic and sad, with the hindsight that they’re back together now, it feels like others have hit harder.

8. Gabby and Marcel

Tear jerk level: 5/10

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Season three was such a long time ago now, it’s tough to remember how sad we were when news of breakups was hitting us. One that always does stand out though is Gabby and Marcel, because of how shocking the entire situation was.

Marcel was the nice guy of the season three villa – wholesome and always giving out advice. We all loved Gabby too – they were an overall non-problematic and gorgeous couple.

So, when it came out that Marcel had cheated on Gabby, and it all happened whilst they were on holiday TOGETHER, I was shook to my very core. Not this for our sweethearts!

7. Chloe and Toby

Tear jerk level: 6/10

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Chloe and Toby were our fav messy couple of Love Island 2021. After the show they lived in Essex, but later moved out after it was reported it “hadn’t worked out between them.”

On her YouTube show, Chloe later revealed Toby dumped her, and said it was the “saddest time” in her life. She said she called her bestie Millie crying at the time, who then took her away on holiday. It all just sounds very upsetting… and nobody wants that for two Love Island legends.

6. Molly and Callum

Tear jerk level: 6/10

Love Island couples and their breakups ranked by how sad they were

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Look, I don’t know why, but for some reason winter Islanders Molly and Callum splitting was a toughie. They were the longest standing Love Island relationship that has ended in a split, ending things after three years. I just never saw it coming!

5. Paige and Finn

Tear jerk level: 7/10

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Paige and Finn never gave us any worries. They were safe and happy in the villa, wholesome on the outside and kinda kept themselves out the public eye. Then randomly one day, over three whole years later, it was reported they’d gone their separate ways.

The pure shock factor means it has to be ranked pretty highly out of all Love Island breakups, even if we had sort of forgotten to keep up with them. Neither Paige or Finn have ever commented on their breakup either – it was just said they realised it “wasn’t forever”. What does this mean?! It WAS forever!!!!

4. Ekin-Su and Davide

Tear jerk level: 8/10

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Mum and Dad. I know you’re back together now, but why did you do this to us? I’ve never trusted real love since.

3. Amber and Greg

Tear jerk level: 8/10

Love Island couples and their breakups ranked by how sad they were

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I know 2019 winners Amber and Greg only lasted like five weeks together, but I still remember exactly where I was when I saw the news it was all over. We’d backed them so hard as a couple, and loved that Greg had come in late and given Amber a love story after weeks of heartbreak.

Then, to be told it had apparently broken down over TEXT? And that it was so messy?! My heart!

2. Faye and Teddy

Tear jerk level: 9/10

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There’s no point in even denying that Faye and Teddy had one of the rockiest journeys in Love Island history. So, when they left the villa and ended up lasting for ages, we really thought they’d come through it all and were going to be forever. Faith was restored.

Two years later, Faye and Teddy had a pretty messy breakup in 2023. At first Faye posted saying their breakup was a mutual decision “after lots of time and consideration”, but then they went back and forth with cryptic messages on social media about one another.

Teddy said he “had a voice again” after their relationship ended, and amid all the split talk, Faye said on Instagram she “wished she’d trusted her gut” about things. Guys, I wanted house renovations and dogs together, not this!

1. Siânnise and Luke T

Tear jerk level: 100/10

Love Island couples and their breakups ranked by how sad they were

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Siânnise and Luke T breaking up just really hit differently, this split affected me like it was my own. Following the winter series, the wholesome couples were the only good thing to come from it, and Luke and Siânnise were one of the most fun and genuine couples we’d had in years.

They moved in together in London, got a dog and were always doing TikTok dance videos in lockdown. Perfection! But after two years it was reported they’d split, unfollowed each other on Insta and Luke had moved out. Out of all the Love Island breakups ranked, there was simply no other one that could take the top spot.

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