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‘Excruciating’ Netflix thriller Obsession is being torn to shreds in savage reviews

One said the actors look like they all need the toilet, which I’ll never unsee

Right now, it seems as though everyone is talking about new steamy Netflix thriller Obsession, but the reviews are making it seem as though it’s all for the wrong reasons. Despite us all being excited at the thought of Richard Armitage heading up the cast of another Netflix show, the series is being ripped apart in reviews.

Obsession is a four-part limited series about erotic obsession and forbidden desire, based on Josephine Hart’s novella, Damage. It follows a dangerous love triangle that emerges when the enigmatic Anna Barton embarks on a passionate affair with her fiancee’s father, William.

It spirals out of control, and overall the energy in the show is a bit weird. It’s no surprise reviews of Obsession on Netflix are coming for it, it’s a bit of a cringefest. But, the reviews really haven’t held back – here’s what they had to say, and don’t worry, there are no spoilers of the big ending here.

Reviews of Obsession on Netflix

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Reviews are calling Obsession on Netflix ‘tat’ and ‘excruciating’

The reviews are in: They’re bad. BBC Culture quite frankly called Obsession an “excruciating watch” that’s “flaccid”. The review pulls upon a section of the show’s closed caption subtitles as a summary of the overall vibe. They read: “Groans softly. Unsettling music playing. Unsettling music intensifies. Sniffing. Grunting. Moans softly. Gasps. Exhales sharply. Gasps. Unsettling music continues. Inhales deeply. Grunts. Belt buckle clinking. Sobbing.” Sure.

The review goes on to compare the faces the actors make whilst having sex as like “the sort you might display whilst clearing the guttering” and says we simply don’t care for the “irritating” characters.

Surprisingly enough, this review isn’t the only one to draw strange parallels of how the characters look whilst having sex, which is a very regular occurrence throughout the show. The Guardian says the actors look like they all need the toilet whilst sleeping together, as though they’re “really regretting that bad oyster.” The review says the best bit of the show is that you “see some bums”. Fair enough.

iNews has rated the show just one star, denoting it as nothing more than a “shagfest”. It adds: “Obsession isn’t sexy. Nor is it thrilling. It’s just another nondescript, unconsidered throwaway piece of streaming tat.”

Rotten Tomatoes has collected all the reviews of Obsession on Netflix, and the results are pretty bleak. It scores a dingy 40 per cent overall, and just 14 per cent from audience reviews. That’s not just bad, it’s real bad.

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