Jonathan Bailey has written a book for his younger Bridgerton co-stars

Just when I thought I couldn’t love this man any more

Jonathan Bailey has written a little book for his younger co-stars on Bridgerton, and honestly my heart is melting. Season two focuses on his character, Anthony Bridgerton, and his hunt to find a wife – and Jonathan has written up some advise for when others have their leading seasons too.

Each book in the series Bridgerton is based on is focused on a different Bridgerton sibling and their love story. They are in age order, with the exception of Daphne whose story was told first. This means if Netflix covers all eight siblings’ stories across eight seasons, which we really hope it does, all of the characters will have a season which revolves around them.

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Speaking to PopBuzz, Luke Newton, who plays Colin Bridgerton, said Jonathan created the little book to hand down to each of his onscreen brothers for when their moment arrives. “Jonny is the epitome of a leading man,” he said. “He’s really stepped into the role and it’s been a real lesson for me, you know, confirming seasons three and four…just to be able to watch him and go like, ‘Alright, this is how he copes with it and this is what he does. He’s actually got a little book to pass down to the brothers so we can use it for future series.”

Speaking of what the book contains, he added: “It’s like tips to cope with being at the forefront of the show. Just tips on how to deal with it and what gets him through the day.”

PopBuzz also spoke to Jonathan about his book, and he was keeping his cards close to his chest about what’s written inside it. “I’m not telling,” he said. “That’d be revealing all the secrets. That’s the true Whistledown. It’s going to be amazing where it gets to in eight or ten years time. I’m going to be a very proud older brother when I see Will Tilston [Gregory Bridgerton] and Florence Hunt [Hyacinth Bridgerton] get married.”

Ok, this is too cute.

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