This is who from Perfect Match is actually the most compatible, according to an expert

If the couples want to win the show, all they need to do is look here

A new dating show has just hit Netflix in the form of Perfect Match. The aim of the game is for the cast members to match themselves up, and then compete in compatibility challenges to win power over the villa. The power means they can send in new contestants to either break up existing couples or make better connections. Anyone left single is dumped, and they all want to survive to be named the “Perfect Match” couple. Sounds confusing, right? Well an astrologer has worked out the most compatible people on Perfect Match, so all the challenges may as well stop now.

Based on their star signs, some of the cast members in there are much more matched with one another than others are. Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney has partnered with celebrity psychic and astrologer, Inbaal Honigman, to get the low down on who they think will be drawn to each other the most. Here’s what they found.

Kariselle, Diamond, Francesca and Georgia

Star sign: Sagittarius

Most compatible with: Chase and Damian

Who from Perfect Match on Netflix is most compatible

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Four of the girls are Sagittarius – Kariselle, Diamond, Francesca and Georgia. Sagittarius are free spirited, and love to have a good time. They hate planning for the future.

Inbaal said: “They are likely to be instantly drawn to the two Gemini guys, Chase and Damian, because Gemini, just like Sagittarius, is a party animal. Symbolised by the twins, Geminis love to chat and get to know people, though they do get bored quickly. Both signs are messy and chaotic, never a dull moment. The initial attraction could fizzle out, as neither of them is particularly keen on long-term romance.”

Colony and Abbey

Star sign: Gemini

Most compatible with: Joey

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Colony and Abbey are both Gemini, and could be fighting over Joey, the only Sagittarius man on the show. Exactly as said above, Gemini and Sagittarius is a perfectly chaotic match.

Chloe, Izzy and Savannah

Star sign: Pisces

Most compatible with: Dom and Bartise

Who from Perfect Match on Netflix is most compatible

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Three of the girls are Pisces – Chloe, Izzy and Savannah. Symbolised by the fish, the sign of Pisces love to hug and kiss, are affectionate, and fall in love at the drop of a hat.

Inbaal said: “They will be unable to resist the two Cancer guys, Dom and Bartise, because Cancer, just like Pisces, is in love with being in love. Symbolised by the crab, Cancerians love to stroke and cuddle others, and they’re devoted to their families. Both signs are dreamy and intuitive, and both believe that love is for life. If they pair up, they’ll stick together.”


Star sign: Libra

Most compatible with: Shayne and Will

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Anne-Sophie is the only Libra on the show, and she should hedge her bets with Shayne and Will, who are both Taurus. According to Inbaal, Libra is a sociable and elegant sign, great at making friends but very choosy when it comes to relationships.

Libra and Taurus are the only two signs of the zodiac which are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Both signs are faithful and trustworthy, always looking for their special someone.


Star sign: Capricorn

Most compatible with: Calvin

Who from Perfect Match on Netflix is most compatible

via Netflix

Ines has initially matched herself with Shayne, but she would actually be most compatible with Calvin, he could well be her perfect match. Ines is a Capricorn, so is focused and determined.

“She’ll be well suited to fiery Aries, Calvin, because, just like Capricorn, also Aries is very intense,” Inbaal said. “Symbolised by the ram, Aries are strong-willed and athletic. Capricorn and Aries are the only two signs with horns. If they work together, they’ll be a true power couple, but if they fall out, they’re at risk of locking horns.”


Star sign: Aquarius

Most compatible with: Mitchell, Nick and Zay

LC is the only Aquarian on the show, and Inbaal backs her as “a special contestant who’ll divide opinions.” Symbolised by the water-bearer, Aquarians are quirky and unique, great thinkers and very loyal.

“She will catch the eye of Mitchell, Nick and Zay, the three Virgoans around her, in a case of opposites attract,” Inbaal said. “Symbolised by the virgin, the sign of Virgo is neat and chatty, they’re very conventional, and find the artsy Aquarian to be daring and attractive. Aquarius and Virgo are similar in romance, both very faithful, neither very tactile, so they can have a successful relationship.”

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