Mary Fitzgerald suffered a tragic miscarriage whilst filming for season seven of Selling Sunset

In episode one we saw her find out the news she was pregnant

In the first episode of Selling Sunset season seven, realtor Mary Fitzgerald was filmed finding out she was pregnant. Whilst with husband Romain, Mary took a pregnancy test and the couple found out the news together.

Mary, who had her first son Austin aged 15, and Romain got married in 2018, and this was the first child they have expected together. The show was filmed a while ago, and it was reported in April this year that Mary had suffered a miscarriage.

Mary fell pregnant in January, and in April said: “We were in Bali, we got pregnant and, unfortunately, that didn’t work out. And on top of the miscarriage, [I] also apparently had what they called septic miscarriage, so I had to go in for surgery for that.

“The reason why I’m speaking out now is because I do realise how common this is and how many people go through this, and it is not easy,” she said. “I needed a minute because there are so many eyes on me and everyone judges and everything, and it has been rough to say the least, but there’s still hope.”

Later in season seven, Mary went to a doctor’s appointment and was told there was no heartbeat. “We were supposed to go to the ultrasound to hear the heartbeat,” Romain told Amanza, and Mary added: “We thought it’d be an exciting thing. She started doing the ultrasound and I’ve seen that look before.”

She added: “I already started getting that sinking feeling. I just feel numb right now. I go from crying to just numb.”

In a confessional on the show, Mary said: “I don’t know what the normal timeframe is to get over something like this. I just keep moving forward and trying to put a smile on my face and act like everything’s ok but, it doesn’t feel ok. Romain is everything. I love him so much. He’s the best husband ever and one day, we’ll be able to have a family together. I hope.”

Mary found out she was pregnant during Selling Sunset season seven on Netflix

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Opening up about what happened in an interview with Today, Mary said: “It was heartbreaking to say the least. I was just in shock.”

“I honestly didn’t consider that I could lose the baby,” she added. “I was just so excited and so focused on this new future, even though realistically I always knew that there was that chance. I just never let my mind go there. I was just optimistic and positive about it.”

After the news, Mary decided to step back from Selling Sunset slightly, which is why she appears in it less this season. She said producers “knew that I didn’t need to be anywhere around the drama.”

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