Ummm, so Casa Amor’s Jack Keating is a dad now… eight months after being on the show

Something about the maths ain’t mathsin

Last night, Casa Amor 2022 Islander Jack Keating announced he has welcomed a baby, in a cute pic on Instagram holding his newborn child. The only thing is, people were quick work out he was only on the show eight months ago.

So yeah, congratulations are due, but does this mean he left someone at home pregnant to be on Love Island? I’m confused. Posting his news, Jack, who is the son of Ronan Keating, said: “Welcome to the world my little 👸”.

Loads of Islanders were quick to pass on their best wishes to 23-year-old Jack, including Danica Taylor who said: “Congratulations babes!!!!❤️”. Luca Bish added: “Congratulations brother 🫶🏽❤️”. Mollie Salmon said: “Congratulations Jack, you’ll be the best Dad.”

But, as you would expect, a lot of people have been left a bit confused about how he’s had a baby and been on the show, all in the same nine months. “I know I’m bad at maths, but the math ain’t mathing on this at all!!! Love Island isn’t even nine months ago yet,” one person commented.

Another added: “Someone was carrying your baby when you went on Love Island? You’re joking 😮,” whilst someone else said: “I’m so confused. The maths isn’t adding up.”

Jack entered the show during Casa Amor in July last year, so the mother of his child would have been a month pregnant when he was in the villa. Jack hasn’t shared any more details about who the mother is, if they’re still together, or any clarifications of his clearly very busy schedule. However, according to reports, his baby’s mother is artist, Keely Iqbal.

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