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These are the youngest ever pitchers who tried their hand in Dragons’ Den

And I only learned to make pesto pasta at 18

I’ll be straight up: I can’t think of many things more emotionally scary than the thought of presenting something I’m really passionate about, with the direct aim being for it to be ripped to shreds by rich and influential people. But that’s basically the premise of Dragons’ Den – and the youngest people to ever put themselves through it did when they were just teens, and sometimes younger.

Yes, there have been literal children who have invented cool and creative products and vouched for how they deserve cold, hard cash. Some of the youngest people who went into the Den got investment, and one of them even went on to become a millionaire.

Here is a rundown of the youngest people who have ever pitched on Dragons’ Den. Prepare to feel completely inadequate and like a massive failure.

Sisters Sky and Kia are the youngest to go into the Den, aged just 12 and 14

Youngest ever people on Dragons' Den

via BBC

Officially the youngest ever people to pitch on Dragons’ Den were sisters Sky and Kia Ballantyne, who were on the show in 2015. They invented The Crikey Bikey harness, which helps children with the transition to riding a bike without stabilisers.

12-year-old Sky had come up with the idea as part of a school project, and 18 months later they took it in front of the Dragons. The girls already had orders from Go Outdoors and Evans Cycles before they even went on the show. “If that’s the future of the country then that makes me proud to be British,” Peter Jones told them.

Don’t worry, their mum and a family friend were there just in case and for support – but they only needed help during the pitch very briefly, once. They unfortunately didn’t get investment.

The youngest person to get backing on Dragons’ Den was 15

Youngest ever people on Dragons' Den

via BBC

Arminder Singh Dhillon headed into the Den aged 15, and came out with THREE Dragons with him. He invented the Boot Buddy, an innovative way to clean muddy football boots, using a scraper and brush which also releases soapy water.

Arminder Singh Dhillon headed into the Den aged 15, and came out with THREE Dragons with him. He invented the Boot Buddy, an innovative way to clean muddy football boots, using a scraper and brush which also releases soapy water.

In the end, Arminder didn’t just end up with one Dragon, but three. Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman and Peter Jones all invested £20k each for a 10 per cent share of the business.

Myles Dickinson – 18

via BBC

The most recent entry to youngest Dragons’ Den pitchers list came this season, when Myles Dickinson was on the show. He presented his custom metal debit card business, and secured backing from the newest Dragon, Steven Bartlett.

He founded Haze in November 2021, while he was in his first year of university. Myles had been making the cards in his halls at uni, where he was studying banking and finance, but he dropped out, like Steven Bartlett also did, to focus full-time on running his company. The cards are stainless steel, and completely customisable, with options for customers to add photos.

Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman and Steven all made him an offer, but he shook hands with Steven. Between them, Myles and Steven are now the youngest pitcher and Dragon duo the show has ever had.

The youngest Dragons’ Den millionaire was just 18 when he pitched

Youngest ever people on Dragons' Den

via ITV

In 2014, aged 18, Jordan Daykin appeared on Dragons’ Den and secured an £80k investment from Deborah Meaden, for 25 per cent of his company, GripItFixing. The product he invented is designed to fix heavy items to plasterboard.

In February 2016, when he was 20, Daykin’s net worth was estimated to be £10million. In the same year he went on This Morning with Deborah, and discussed being the youngest Dragons’ Den millionaire. In 2017, Jordan was listed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Jessica Ratcliffe – 20

via BBC

Full time student Jessica was 20 when she pitched for the Dragons. Her idea was GaBoom, a website where you can exchange video games. She said she was just 15 when she came up with the idea, but only had her pocket money to invest, so had waited five years to build the business and present to the Dragons.

Despite impressing all the Dragons with a strong pitch and knowledge of her numbers, Jessica left without investment – but Peter did offer her a job. Clearly people were interested in her website though, as it was so busy it crashed for two hours after her pitch aired.

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