From bullying complaints on Love Island to now, how Luca Bish got rid of his toxic image

‘I’m back to Luca before the villa’

Right now, Love Island 2022 finalist Luca Bish is appearing on Celebrity MasterChef. If you’re watching the show, you’ve probably noticed he’s a million miles from the guy we appeared to see in the villa and has completely changed his overall vibe and persona.

In a series of interviews, Luca has opened up about his life since Love Island, and said he now feels much more like he’s back to “me again” after leaving the dating show behind him. After the villa he was in a relationship with Gemma Owen, but three months later they split. During Love Island he was called out for “controlling” behaviour as well as receiving Ofcom complaints for bullying.

There have been rumours he might get the call up for the All Stars version of Love Island later this year, but speaking on the Six O’Clock Show Luca has completely dismissed that, saying that when the 2022 series was finished he was very much done with it.

“Love Island – when I walked out of that villa, it very much ‘bye!’, like that was my experience done,” he said. “I couldn’t do what Scott [van-der-Sluis] is doing, I’d miss my family too much. I needed a little holiday as well after just to re-energise myself. It takes a lot out of you. So one was enough I would say. Love Island and me are done for now, and I don’t think you’ll see me in there anytime soon.”

Luca Bish from Love Island is now appearing on Celebrity MasterChef

via BBC

In a further interview with OK! Magazine, Luca said his mental health was low after Love Island, and the way he came across on the show had him questioning if he’d ever consider appearing on TV again. He said Celebrity MasterChef has restored his confidence, and got him feeling back to himself again.

“Making that show has brought me back to being the Luca before the villa,” he said. “I felt myself again, it made me feel comfortable to do TV again. I was still very unsure if I wanted to be put in a situation where you can be shown in a certain light, but it made me feel so happy.”

Luca said Love Island drained him mentally, and by the end of the series he was glad it was over. He said: “I was like a battery and most of my juice was gone by the end of it and I was just ready to go. I was mentally not there.

“When my mum and dad came in [during the Meet the Parents episode], they even said they weren’t looking at their son. And that’s sad to hear, but thanks to MasterChef I feel back and if not better than I have before. It’s just learning, but I feel amazing. I’ve embraced it.”

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