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Viral Amsterdam stag and hen do voice note story debunked

Debunked: The viral Amsterdam stag and hen do story didn’t happen, I’m afraid

I mean, it’s probably for the best

I’m sorry to say but the viral story of the stag and hen do in gone wrong in Amsterdam that has had us all spiralling this week has been debunked and it was all a massive lie. Colour me shocked!

Since earlier this week, the story has been going around on Twitter and contains voice notes on Instagram from a girl called Charlotte Walton. She describes how she’s “literally telling everyone” her story because it’s “so horrific.” Getting straight into it, she describes how a friend of a friend went on a joint stag and hen do in Amsterdam, which ended in a family being torn apart.

One of the days all the girls on the hen decided to go one way, and the boys on the stag decided to go another. One of the girls was “super drunk” and ended up giving head to someone through a glory hole. This glory hole was different though, it had a button which allowed her to reveal the person on the other side. It was… her dad… from the stag do. Trauma.

The voice note concludes: “Apparently the stag and the hen do all went home early because it was so traumatic. The girl has fallen out with all her family. The mum has found out and is not speaking to the dad. It’s broken up the whole family.”

But, now the Amsterdam stag and hen do story has been debunked

I’m sorry to say, the story has been found to not be true. After writing the initial story, I left a call out in the article for anyone with information to get in touch. Lo and behold, someone did!

A very allusive email showed up in my inbox saying “I know who Charlotte Walton is” signed off from a man called Peter. Peter has claimed to be friends with Charlotte, who shared the original voice note, and said the whole story is “bullshit” and was in fact spread around her friends, as opposed to being an experience one of them actually had, like she claimed.

“She has gone to ground since this blew up,” Peter told The Tab. “I’ve just looked and her Facebook profile has gone.”

As well as this, Vice has done an investigation into glory holes in Amsterdam. What a sentence. Anyway, the investigation found there are four glory holes like this in the area, and the majority of them are only for men. Only one bar could have possibly hosted what happened.

Vice called the glory hole in question, called William Higgins’ le Salon, to ask if it had the glass reveal facility as described in the story. “Is there a button you can press on your glory holes to see the person on the other side?” they asked. The answer? “No, they’re just holes.”


look there may be another hole in dam, but this is what we uncovered #amsterdam #dad #stagdo #hendo #brittok #britishtiktok

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So there we have it. Charlotte Walton’s friends have called her bullshit, and even if they hadn’t, it’s logistically not possible to have happened. The memes have been funny, though.

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