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MAFS expert Paul C Brunson responds to comments about Peggy

Paul C Brunson responds to criticism that MAFS experts should have called out Peggy

He said a lot more was said in the chat with Peggy and Georges that wasn’t shown

Last night on Married at First Sight was a lot. Luke and Jay were axed after Luke got into an altercation with Jordan, and then Peggy made the shock decision to leave at the commitment ceremony. Straight after, MAFS viewers were on Twitter discussing Peggy, and people went at expert Paul C Brunson for not doing more.

Peggy was accused of gaslighting Georges, as she yet again made comments about his personal hobbies and life, which ended in him being so ground down that he got emotional trying to defend himself. Over the past few episodes we’ve seen Peggy make constant comments about what Georges does online, calling his gaming hobbies “humiliating” and “weird”.

Ultimately, she said he “needed to change” and that was the reason she wanted to leave the relationship. Georges was seen saying he knew he “was the problem” and wanted to work on their marriage for the next week.

“Peggy – HUN- you are the biggest gaslighter on this show,” one person on Twitter said. “No one should change for you and he didn’t even do anything wrong!” Another added: “There’s a line between constructive criticism and attacking someone’s character. Peggy needs to accept who Georges is.”

One person tweeted to say: “So unfair and why aren’t the experts calling her out. He is breaking, poor man.” Paul C Brunson replied to this tweet, and said we as viewers don’t see the entire conversation. He alluded to the idea that Peggy may have been called out more, but we just didn’t see it.

“It’s important to understand that the couples sit on the couch for up to 60 minutes,” Paul said. “You only see about six (or less). We give extensive advice. So, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

This isn’t the first time Paul has had to defend the show on Twitter. He recently admitted MAFS has to “do better” after a viewer named the show “a sham” and also responded to people saying the experts did “the worst thing they could have done” when telling Shona and Brad they had to leave the show, by suggesting they try to work on their relationship outside the experiment.

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