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Shaina from Love Is Blind season two expecting baby

Omg, Shaina from Love Is Blind season two is expecting her first baby!

She married her new husband five months after the show aired

Shaina from season two of Love Is Blind has announced she is expecting her first baby! Shaina didn’t find love on the Netflix show, and shortly after it aired revealed she was marrying someone else.

On the show, Shaina initially had a connection with Shayne Jansen, but then got engaged to Kyle Abrams. They dramatically called the engagement off on the show, with Shaina leaving Kyle at the couples’ retreat in Mexico.

Shaina has since shared she is with new man, Christos Lardakis. In March 2022 it was revealed they had been dating for over a year, since the show that was filmed well in advance of airing ended, and were engaged. They got married officially on July 2nd in a courthouse in Chicago, but had a wedding ceremony in Greece later that month. “I have found the one whom my soul loves,” Shaina said, posting some of their wedding pictures on Instagram.

Now, the couple have confirmed they are expecting their first child together. “We feel so thankful and grateful that we have been given such a blessing,” Shaina told People Magazine. “Our hearts are full! We cannot wait to start this next journey of parenthood together and to meet this little soul!”

Shaina isn’t the only Love Is Blind cast member to have children since the show. Other cast members who are now parents include Jessica Batten, Bartise Bowden and Mark Anthony Cuevas.

Congrats, Shaina!

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