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Love Is Blind season five memes

These 25 memes about Love Is Blind season five are more intense than a chat with Lydia

Was anyone else a little scared?

Love Is Blind is back, and of course Twitter has been hot with reacting and posting memes about all the drama and the cast of season five. Arguably, the reaction online is even better than watching the show itself.

From Aaliyah finding out her Love Is Blind bestie Lydia used to date Uche who she wanted to marry, and then the girls having what might have been the most intense conversation in reality TV show history, to Milton only being 24 – this season has been chaos right from the outset.

We’ve only had the pods so far, but already the content is top tier. Here are all the best memes and reactions to the first part of Love Is Blind season five on Netflix. Strap in!

1. They are my Roman Empire tbh

2. Truthfully

3. It’s knocking me a little bit sorry x

4. I can’t believe what I’m watching

5. Loooool enough

6. WHY do the even bother?!

— bri (@brileighh11) September 24, 2023

— The Holy Church of Netflix (@netflixchurch) September 22, 2023

8. I can’t deal with the 20-somethings anymore!!!!!

9. I’m scared

10. Savage tbh

11. Honestly

12. I have to hand it to producers, it’s a good twist

13. Here we go again x

14. The sad truth!

15. Hahahaha accurate

16. What do we have to do to be free of them?!

17. He’s just a baby!

18. A saga!

19. I am… uncomfortable

20. Yikes!

21. This is a lot!

22. He was too pure for all this

23. PLS

24. She was very much enjoying it


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