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Here’s an exact breakdown of what happens when a Love Is Blind couple gets divorced

The show will pay for proceedings up to a certain amount

In the last couple of years, some of the couples who got married from Love Is Blind have said their marriages haven’t worked out. So, you might be left wondering what actually happens when a Love Is Blind couple gets divorced.

We already know there are lots of strict rules surrounding the cast whilst they are on the show, and they sign a contract to do with their lives afterwards, too. Following a recent lawsuit against the show, a reporter has deep dived into what this contract actually entails, and it turns out there are some strict guidelines to life after Love Is Blind.

All the couples from season two ended their marriages – with Nick and Danielle and Iyanna and Jarrette announcing their divorces within a week of one another. Given the couples got married under the premise with Netflix, who pays for the divorce? Can the couples split straight away? All your questions are about to finally be answered.

Love Is Blind couple Iyanna and Jarrette got divorced after Netflix show

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What happens when a Love Is Blind couple gets divorced?

According to the contract documents, there are some strict rules in place if a couple from Love Is Blind wants to end their marriage. Relationship decisions are left up to the cast, and production company Kinetic Content has no say in whether couples stay together or break up.

Participants also don’t have to get married, as we see many say no, but they are contractually obliged to turn up to their wedding and declare they “do not”.

Ultimately, if a couple decides to get divorced, they aren’t allowed to until the final episode of their season has aired on Netflix or until 11 months have passed after their wedding, “whichever is later.”

Filming for Love Is Blind has in the past been up to a year and a half before it’s aired – so this means couples may have been separated, awaiting divorce, for months before things got finalised. This might explain why Nick and Danielle and Iyanna and Jarrette both announced their divorce within a week of each other, just under a year after season two was on Netflix.

Production will pay for divorce filings and mediation, up to $5,000 per couple. Production will also pay for therapy after the show if needed, of up to eight sessions up to $150 per session.

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