Guys, there’s another MAFS UK 2023 reunion coming this month!

Just as Peggy and Georges break up? I’m screaming

Guys! There’s another MAFS UK 2023 reunion, and it’s coming later this month! Yep, you have just days to wait until we can see our favourite chaos couples and cast members back on our screen once again.

E4 has confirmed to The Tab the bonus episode will air on Monday 26th at 9.30pm on E4. It’s also been confirmed the cast members who will be there are: Adrienne, Ella, Erica, Georges, Jay, Jordan, Laura, Matt, Paul, Peggy, Rozz, Shona, Tasha and Thomas.

Shortly before Christmas, the cast returned to filming and we’re getting another check in to see where the couples stand all this time on from the experiment. Speaking to The Tab, Laura said to expect fireworks, and has confirmed there will be loads of drama and arguments.

Another MAFS UK 2023 reunion, Married at First Sight

via E4

So much has happened since the show was first on. Let’s start with the obvious, Peggy and Georges have just announced they have broken up. They both said they are “heartbroken” by the split, and are “coming to terms” with life apart from one another.

On top of that, JJ is now rumoured to be dating Katie Price? Ella’s pissed off about that, and Laura has fallen out with him since. Plus, Erica and Jordan are still together, it’s believed as are Tasha and Paul, but they’ve kept very private, and Jordan and Luke have continued their beef.

Jordan and Luke were meant to have a boxing match to settle their feud, but that all got cancelled with Jordan calling Luke “embarrassing” and saying he “wasn’t brave enough” to face him in the ring. Georges then said he’d give Jordan a go in the ring, and called him a “rat”, so it’s safe to say there’s plenty of drama to keep us fed.

The one-off special will give fans a chance to catch up on all the dramas and tensions that have unfolded off camera between the show’s brides and grooms while the series was airing and beyond.

Mark your calendars! Monday 26th February at 9.30pm on E4!

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