Molly has six figure brand deals already?! Plus the Islanders are beefing outside the villa!

The show might be over, but the drama has just begun

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

The girls knew Molly was coming back for Casa Amor

When Molly Marsh was announced as part of the Casa Amor lineup this year, it was one of the biggest shocks of the season. But Leah has hinted the girls already knew she was coming back. On TikTok, Leah has been answering loads of viewer questions, and one asked if it was true the girls already knew Molly was returning.

“Yes we did,” Leah said. “We were getting ready on the day of the recoupling and we had asked for curlers because all of our stuff was at the main villa. We asked production to bring over some of our curlers from the main villa and instead they brought Molly’s curlers.

“We knew because we’d used them before and they had her name on. Then it kind of crossed everyone’s minds like ‘why are Molly’s curlers here?’ because she’d been gone for quite a bit then… that kinda sparked everyone’s minds to think maybe Molly’s back.”


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Molly apparently has six figure brand deals lined up already

In news which should surprise absolutely nobody, it’s been reported Molly Marsh could be the first millionaire from the cast this year. Of course she was going to be the brand deal girlie of 2023. Apparently she’s been approached by “numerous” brands already, offering her six figure (so yes, in the hundreds of thousands!) deals to work with them.

A source told MailOnline: “Molly has already been approached by numerous brands keen to work with her off the back of Love Island. With six figure deals already rolling in from clothing brands, travel companies and beauty brands, she could be the real winner of the show.”

Mitch has changed his Insta name to ‘Messy Mitch’ which is a bit iconic

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What was one of the first things Mitch did when he got his phone back? Change his Instagram name to “Messy Mitch”, of course! I love it from him.

Apparently a huge row between Jess and Sammy wasn’t aired

What was one of the first things Mitch did when he got his phone back? Change his Instagram name to “Messy Mitch”, of course! I love it from him.

Apparently a huge row between Jess and Sammy wasn’t aired

Speaking on the Pop Off Podcast, Mal said: “Sammy was so loud, and I was literally just about to say, you need to speak quieter and he was going in about like how he wasn’t attracted to Jess, and Jess heard! That was awful! I went and I was like, you need to apologise to her. None of it was shown!”

Love Island 2023

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Loads of people complained to Ofcom about Jess and Sammy winning

Ofcom received over 1,126 complaints during its final week, with 219 complaints made from viewers who objected to the result of Sammy and Jess being crowned winners. Earlier in the week, 913 complaints were also made, mostly regarding how Mitch treated Abi.

Scott is charging hundreds for a ‘welcome home’ club event in Chester lol

Scott is throwing himself straight into the club appearance scene, and has bagged himself a “welcome home” party at a venue in Chester. He’ll be at Six One Six on Friday, but you’ll have to dig deep in your pockets if you want a package for the evening.

VIP booths come with a minimum spend of up to £390 and just a table has a minimum spend of up to £120.

Tink’s name isn’t even Tink?!


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Casa Amor Islander Tink has revealed her name isn’t Tink! We have another Chuggs situation on our hands, as her name is actually just a nickname. “It’s a nickname because I’m so short,” she explained in a TikTok. “I’m only 5ft. It’s a nickname from when I was younger that’s just stuck.” Her real name is Aaliyah – and yes, that is after the RnB icon Aaliyah, who passed away in 2001.

Catherine has said more about her break up from Elom

Just days after leaving the villa, Catherine and Elom split up with  an insider telling The Sun they barely saw each other, but “kept up a pretence” whilst doing podcasts. In an interview, Catherine has since said their relationship “already had holes in it” and said “early on we decided that we were going to be friends.”

Toby and Tyrique have reunited!

When Tyrique was in the villa, we all found out his bestie is Love Island 2021 finalist, Toby Aromolaran. After the 2023 series finished, Tyrique went straight to meet up with Toby, and they’ve posted a cute picture together and an even cuter throwback.

They said: “Same area, same school, 15 years deep! Who would have thought.” I guess we can expect a certain guest on Toby’s podcast very soon?

There are a lot of petty little beefs going on already

Surprise surprise! Just days after the show there are whispers of beefs and feuds all over the place. Firstly, Scott did a podcast interview going in on his fellow Islanders, and quite frankly said: “If my name gets you views then keep going” to people from the show who are talking about him, and said Kady was the villa’s biggest game player.

Scott said: “My name is a key word. My name seems to get views so keep it going. I spoke to Kady and Ouzy last night and they said, ‘Don’t take anything personally’ and I said ‘Listen when I go on a podcast don’t take anything personally’.”

Tyrique has also hinted at a drama, as he’s unfollowed 2022’s Danica, after she said they had history together, and then apparently liked shady comments about Ella.

People have also spotted that Jess, Sammy, Whitney, Lochan, Tyrique and Ella were all posting fun and cute videos together on the plane heading home, but Zach and Molly were nowhere to be seen. Dumped Islander Catherine further fuelled rumours of a divide with Molly, by sharing all the finalists’ official snaps – apart from the one where Molly and Zach won fourth position.

Catherine then failed to congratulate Molly a second time, as she posted a picture alongside Jess, Ella and Whitney in the villa and captioned it: “So so so proud of my girls. Can’t wait to see you all.”


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