Tom saying the same things to Samie and Molly on Love Island

Uh-oh, someone’s made a video of Tom saying all the same things to Molly as he did to Samie

I think I’ve seen this film before, and I didn’t like the ending

With only a week left of Love Island: All Stars, people are starting to wonder who could win the show. I won’t blame you for thinking Molly and Tom, given they’re the only real stable couple in there, but someone has made a video of Tom proving he’s saying all the same things to Molly on All Stars as he did to Samie on Love Island 2023. Oh dear.

Tom left Love Island 2023 in a relationship with Samie, after they made the final of that series together. Just like he has done with Molly, Samie and Tom went on incredible dates and appeared to be loved up and very cute together in the villa.

But, we all know how that ended. Tom and Samie split up just months after the villa, before getting back together, and then splitting again. They then went back and forth making petty TikToks about one another. It was very messy.

Now it looks as though we could be on a path of watching all that happen again, as someone has put together a compilation of Tom saying the same things on Love Island: All Stars to Molly, as what he said to Samie previously.

The video begins with Tom telling Samie he “genuinely sees something on the outside” working with them and he can see her as being his girlfriend. He then tells Molly “I do genuinely see you being my girlfriend on the outside” whilst on their date. On his final date with Samie he called it “the best date of my life” and then he told Molly their date was “the best first date ever”.

On the date with Samie he said it was “tunnel vision for you from the get-go” and then he told Molly “you were the only girl I had my eyes on from day dot.”

Is history repeating itself?

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