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Made in Chelsea new cast for Sydney special

Meet the five stunning new faces joining Made in Chelsea for the Sydney special

All but one of them is a model or a student

We’re off on holiday again! Yep, Made in Chelsea is off to Sydney, and along with our fav show icons are some new cast members to stir up the drama even more.

With every abroad special of MIC comes new dramas, romances and arguments – and heading down under looks like it’s going to bring just that. The show is on every day for a week, starting this Monday (18th December) at 9pm. The new cast members for the show include models, business owners and students – all of who say they’re ready to get stuck into the chaos.

Let’s get to know all five of the new cast members joining Made in Chelsea for the Sydney special.

JJ Van Der Vliet

Age: 30

JJ was born in the UK, but moved to Australia when he was seven because of his dad’s work as a football coach. He then grew up in the small seaside town of Bundeena, south of Sydney, but much of JJ’s extended family remains in Fulham and Surrey.

He now works in tech sales, and lives in north Bondi. He describes himself as “confident, charismatic, tall, dark and handsome.” Modest, too! JJ is happily single and dating around, he said: “The summer months are when everything happens in Bondi, relationships, parties and fun times.”

In his free time, JJ loves to keep fit. He believes you have to look the part and stay in shape if you want to keep up with the dating game in Bondi. JJ is very much a part of the “Bondi bubble” and he loves to go to the beach, hang with his friends and travel.

Mia Loehr

Age: 21

She was born and raised in Sydney, and grew up in the eastern suburbs, where she attended a private all girls school. Mia is currently finishing up her studies for her bachelors degree in nursing at the University of Notre Dame. She also works part time as a home health nurse which she loves and finds so rewarding. Mia’s mum is a diamond dealer and her dad works with computer software in the fitness industry.

Mia has said ahead of joining the new cast of Made in Chelsea: Sydney she is happily single and loves to date. In terms of dating men, she loves classic tall, dark handsome men and also Aussie surfer boys. She loves the beach and tanning, the gym, reading and socialising.

Lachlan Mclean

Age: 27

Right now, Lachlan works as a model and influencer. He’s a Northern Beaches boy, based in Mona Vale. Lachlan was privately educated at one of Sydney’s most affluent boys schools. He moved to the US when he was 19 on a college football scholarship. He played at a professional level until recently returning to Sydney this past year.

Lachlan frequents the eastern suburbs multiple times a week, for work and dates, and is currently looking for a one bedroom apartment to move across to the other side of the bridge. Lachlan openly admits he has had commitment issues in the past, but describes himself as a “lover boy”,  and says that he’s happily single but open to love and companionship if it finds him.

In his spare time Lachlan is fitness mad – he loves to go to the gym and play golf. He’s also super outdoorsy, loves being in nature, or on the beach spending time with his best friends, his dogs!

Tayla Cohen

Age: 23

Tayla hails from a South African background, and her family relocated from Johannesburg when she was one. She currently resides in the affluent Sydney suburb of Vaucluse. 23-year-old Tayla is a student, and she describes herself as high energy and said her friends describe her as “deathly loyal and crazy fun!” She lives for confrontation and is straight to the point – so Made in Chelsea is probably perfect for her.

“I’m unhappy with you, everyone will know about it,” Tayla said. She is currently studying psychology at UNSW (The University of New South Wales). Her father is a real estate property mogul who owns a huge portion of real estate in Sydney, especially in the east.

In terms of her love life, Tayla is single. She finds the eastern suburbs to be an incestuous dating pool, so opts for “men across waters”. She’s happily single right now, but if the right guy came along she said she would be open to it.

Tayla is sports mad and said the gym is her happy place – she starts her day at the gym every morning. She also loves to run, play netball and swim. She swam and played netball at a semi pro level when she was younger.

Isabella Cicero

Age: 31

Isabella is based in Bondi / the Gold Coast, and is a business owner and model. She describes herself as super social, friendly and loyal to a fault. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She splits her time between Bondi and Burleigh Heads in Queensland, and is a social butterfly and *very* connected to the Bondi scene.

Isabella was born and raised in Perth, and attended one of the most affluent private girls schools in the area, Iona Presentation College. She is an only child, her dad is Italian and her mother is Maltese.

In terms of her dating life, Isabella is happily, casually dating around, but her standards for a future relationship are extremely high. She is looking for someone who is charismatic, confident and has good chat.

Isabella does a lot of modelling, which she loves. She hopes to travel more with this in the future. In her spare time she loves pilates, hanging out with her girlfriends and walking her dog. She is also a huge foodie.

Tayla and Isabella are good friends – they met a few years ago through mutual friends and have been inseparable ever since.

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