Obsession on Netflix is about to be the new seductive thriller you’re hooked on

Apparently the Richard Armitage show ‘takes sex to the next level’

Netflix is about to drop Obsession, backed to be a seductive thriller with all the right ingredients for a perfect all at once watch. It’s sexy, has a great cast, and the plot is from a novel which was called the 50 Shades of its day.

The lead is Richard Armitage, who you definitely recognise from a bunch of Harlan Coben Netflix thriller adaptations, and the plot is all about secret desires and obsessions. It’s very mysterious.

Here’s everything you need to know about the limited Netflix series, before you inevitably become hooked on it.

Obsession on Netflix

via Netflix

Obsession on Netflix follows a woman who has an affair with her fiance’s father

Obsession is a four-part limited series about erotic obsession and forbidden desire, based on Josephine Hart’s novella, Damage. It follows a dangerous love triangle that emerges when the enigmatic Anna Barton embarks on a passionate affair with her fiance’s father, William.

Whilst Anna fights to sustain both relationships, William is drawn into an obsessive spiral. But how long can they keep their secret hidden before someone gets hurt?

The Netflix synopsis reads: “An intense affair between a talented surgeon and his son’s fiancée spirals into a dangerous, all-consuming obsession, with devastating consequences for the whole family.”

Obsession on Netflix

via Netflix

The book the show is based on is told from William’s perspective, as he becomes obsessed with his son’s fiancée, but the Netflix show is written and co-directed by women, so also draws on the female perspective.

The cast includes Richard Armitage (Stay Close, The Stranger) as William, Charlie Murphy (Happy Valley, Peaky Blinders) as Anna, Indira Varma (Luther, Game of Thrones) as William’s wife Ingrid, and Rish Shah as Anna’s fiance Jay (Ms. Marvel, Strangers).

The Guardian has written a piece about Obsession, saying it “brings BDSM to the mainstream” and “take sex to the next level.”

Watch the trailer for Obsession on Netflix here:

Obsession will be available on Netflix from April 13th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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