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People are comparing new Love Island lineup to ex-Islanders and it’s hilariously accurate

Tanyel simply needs to be the Ekin-Su of this year, end of

Love Island 2023 has only just started, but already we can match the vibes of loads of the new lineup to previous Islanders. Every year it feels as though there are carbon copies of cast members we’ve had before, and they match each other’s energy perfectly.

Naturally with the first episode back, Twitter went into absolute meltdown with Love Island memes. Loads of them were saying how we couldn’t quite believe how similar the new Islanders were to past people from the show. Will giving off Dr Alex vibes? Uncanny. Here’s a roundup of all the comparisons we drew up. I wonder if come next week we’ll feel completely different?

Kai and Adam Collard

Ok, I see it. Everyone is saying teacher Kai looks like Adam Collard, and almost completed Adam’s Love Island 2018 journey, just in the first coupling ceremony. Kai was coupled with Anna-May, stolen by Olivia and then ended up with Tanyel. He is choosing violence.

I am DEAD at people on Twitter actually blending Kai into Adam, the internet is too quick. Even Zara McDermott, who left Love Island 2018 with Adam, said on Instagram: “Is this Adam Collard reincarnated?!” SHE KNOWS.

Will and every posh boy who has ever been on the show

When we all saw farmer Will in the lineup, we probably had a good idea that he was going to be the token posh boy this year. And yes, his dancing and complimenting the girls more like a best friend is definitely giving Dr Alex.

He’s also been compared to Hugo Hammond, Chuggs Wallis, Ollie Williams, and any other blonde, private school Islander you can think of.