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Matt explains family emergency behind why he was so ‘low and deflated’ on MAFS

He also accused Channel 4 of editing his personality to look vanilla

During recent episodes of MAFS, groom Matt Pilmoor has found himself at the first bump in the road with new with Adrienne. She had been questioning if they have enough fun together as a couple, and after doing the partner swap and living with Georges, Adrienne found herself having much more fun with him than her husband.

Adrienne questioned if her husband Matt is “boring” and said being able to not to take things too seriously and have a laugh is a key thing she needs in a relationship. But now, posting on Instagram, Matt has said during filming for MAFS he had a family emergency, and explained the very sad reason behind why he’s been so down on the show recently.

“In this week’s episodes you might notice that I come across low and deflated,” he said. “During filming (that’s being shown this week) I received some news that my dad had been rushed to hospital. As you can imagine, this was tough. Before people judge me for being quiet and not getting involved, I wanted to put this out there.”

He signed off the post with: “Thank you, Matt x”. As you might remember, when Matt entered the show as a late groom, his intro video showed him spending a lot of time with his dad, and taking over the family window cleaning business, so he is clearly very close with his family.

via Instagram

In a now deleted Instagram story post, Matt also shared a picture of a vanilla ice cream with the caption: “How Channel 4 edited my personality last night.”

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