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Love Island: All Stars golden couple Molly and Tom fall apart over Georgia Steel drama

Tonight Molly tells Tom: ‘Babe if you can’t trust me, we’ve got no chance’

Following an awkward heart race challenge last night, Molly and Tom are left questioning their relationship tonight. Up until now they’ve seemed like the most stable couple in the villa, with lots of their fellow Islanders backing them to win.

However, last night saw the return of the heart race challenge and Molly’s heart race was increased the most by her ex Callum, who also had his heart race increased the most by her in return. To add insult, Tom had his heart race increased the most by Georgia Steel, who had previously been cracking on with him and causing drama with Molly.

In tonight’s episode it looks like this all comes to the boil, with Molly and Tom wondering where they stand now, and questioning their trust as a couple.

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Chatting on the terrace, Molly confides in Sophie about Georgia S and Tom: “I think there are reasons as to why it was Cal and I, and it was Tom and Georgia S…maybe he’s not shutting it down like he needs to be? I do think I’m gonna speak to him…”

Later in bed, Tom and Molly struggle to see eye to eye, as Tom says: “It’s just me and you.” When Molly laughs, Tom says: “What? Babe if you can’t trust me, we’ve got no chance.”

According to The Sun, tensions soar even more beyond this. A Love Island insider told the publication: “The heart rate challenge caused shockwaves round the villa that will last for days to come.

“Tom’s heart rate rising for Georgia S has led to some questioning whether their former flame could be reunited. Sophie chats to Georgia S and says I see you flirting with Tom, but she doesn’t agree. Later, Sophie tells Molly what has been said – leading Molly to believe Tom is giving Georgia S a signal by sharing private flirty moments.”

Will the two be strong enough to overcome this challenge?

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