Another! There was an editing error on All Stars last night and now I’m questioning it all

I demand answers!

There was yet another editing error on Love Island: All Stars last night, just as people had spotted one before the recoupling last week.

The new error came as Molly and Georgia sat around the mini firepit to talk about their differences. Obviously a lot has gone down between the two girls in the past few days. Georgia had been cracking on with Molly’s long-term ex Callum, whilst also chatting to her new couple Tom – and then this all came crashing down when Toby recoupled with her.

All of Georgia’s swapping and changing had been exposed at the PDAs night, and the girls decided it was a good time to chat about it all. As they sat down, Molly placed her personalised Love Island water bottle up on the wall behind her. This might seem like a minor detail, but wait with me here.

Another editing error on Love Island All Stars

via ITV

The girls were talking about how “history is history” and Molly was saying she now understood why Georgia had been upset over Toby, and Georgia admitted it had been a bit hasty to compare their history to Molly and Callum’s three years.

But then, as Molly told Georgia she had hurt people and had the potential to hurt more people if she carried on, the water bottle is gone! The camera then pans out and the water bottle is on the sofa, next to Molly’s leg. It’s grown legs! Molly didn’t even touch it!

Another editing error on Love Island All Stars

via ITV

So, in short, a huge part of that conversation has been cut out, and we didn’t get to see how the girls went from discussing history to concluding that Georgia had hurt people. This was a major conversation and I wanted to see them hash it out in full! ITV, release the full chat!

Another editing error on Love Island All Stars

via ITV

Just last week there was a major error, proving what had seemed like a big conversation between Toby and Georgia had been hugely edited. During the talk, Georgia’s sunglasses were seen to magically appear and disappear on her head multiple times, showing Toby’s reactions weren’t always to what she had actually said, and huge parts of the conversation had been taken out and stitched together.

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