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Error in Married at First Sight UK honeymoons proved show is staged

This huge error in the Married at First Sight honeymoons makes the show look staged AF

Ummm, what is going on here?!

There was a huge error during one of the Married at First Sight honeymoons which has got me questioning everything about how real the show even is.

We’ve recently been introduced to new intruder brides and grooms, and seen these couples jet off on their luxurious trips after getting married. JJ and Bianca headed off on their holiday, having only met one another through the experiment.

It’s been quite clear that the main issue between the newlyweds is if JJ fancies Bianca, so after a rocky holiday then went to dinner together and Bianca straight up asked JJ if he fancied her. When replying to her, JJ appeared to call Bianca Erica. Yep, as in Erica the other bride… who he’s meant to never have even met.

You might think this is an easy slip of the tongue, or maybe he stumbled on his words and said something else, but no – the subtitles on the show have caught him red handed. The subtitles, uploaded to the show by Channel 4 itself, of what JJ said read: “So, Erica”.

So, what does this mean? Have the brides and grooms actually met before? HOW did this happen?! A few people on Twitter picked up on the error, one said: “Erm weird how JJ called Bianca, Erica when she asked if he fancied her.”

Someone replying to this tweet added: “I had subtitles on and still rewound it to make sure, very odd considering the other new bride is called Erica… of all the names to misuse!?” Another person said they were sure they “were hearing things” because it was so strange. 

I need answers!

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