Umm, Amber has said she wished she’d cracked on with Tyrique in the villa?

This feels random?!

Following being dumped from Love Island 2023, Amber has made a shock confession that she thinks she’d have been better off cracking on with Tyrique. Ummm, sure?

Amber didn’t have the easiest time in the villa, that’s for sure. She had a couple of friendship couples with Sammy and Scott, and narrowly missed dumpings when somehow she wasn’t voted as part of a least compatible couple, despite having no romantic connection.

However, it all came to an end when a recoupling left her with no choice but to choose new bombshell Josh, and then they were voted the least popular couple by the public, and instantly told to leave the villa.

Amber has said that on reflection, there was one Islander in there who she thinks was more her type and she wish she’d explored a connection with, and it’s definitely ~~not ~~ someone I saw this coming with.

Amber and Josh have been dumped from Love Island 2023

via ITV

After being dumped, Amber was asked if there were any other boys she wished she gotten to know over the course of her Love Island journey. She said: “If I was in a club on a night out then Tyrique would be the one I’d head towards – he’s mostly my type on paper. Me and Tyrique got on really well so maybe if I had come in sooner then maybe we could have had something but him and Ella were so strong. I really liked Ella – we were quite close in the villa. I was close to all the girls.”

Ummm, what?! Where did this come from? She added: “I’m obviously gutted to have left but happy to have had the experience and grateful that I was able to meet such amazing people.”

Josh, who she left the villa at the same time as, was also asked if there were any other Islanders he had a spark with, and he said: “When me and Ella B met we got on really well. Her type is Essex boys – tall and tanned. When we first met on the first day, we were getting on like a house on fire. We’ll see what happens with the Mitch situation I guess.”

Oh how things could have been?!

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