Jessie admits she tried to quit the villa but Love Island producers wouldn’t let her leave

‘I was like, that’s it I’m done’

Jessie has admitted she tried to quit the Love Island 2023 villa, but has said producers of the show wouldn’t allow her to leave. In an interview, she has spoken about her lowest points on the show, and how they lead her to wanting to finish the experience completely.

Jessie entered the villa this year as a bombshell alongside fellow Aussie ex-Islander, Aaron. As they’d been on the show before, people instantly questioned their authenticity and intentions for being in the villa. She was branded a “game player” and “fake” by her fellow Islanders, on multiple occasions.

Jessie has said this, alongside Will cheating in Casa Amor, lead to her wanting to leave the villa at one point. She said she was “done” with the show and “done” with Will.

Speaking about the moment she found out Will had strayed during Casa, she told The Useless Helpline Podcast: “I was like, ‘That’s it I’m done. I’m done with Will, I’m done with the villa’. And then production was like, ‘Er no, that’s not happening, you can’t do that, you can’t just leave.'”

Jessie Wynter tried to quit Love Island 2023 villa

via ITV

On the same podcast, Will opened up about their relationship in the villa more, and said a lot of the conversations which truly showed their connection weren’t shown on camera.

Despite Jessie’s wobble, the couple are clearly fine now, as since the show has ended Jessie has been living in the UK with Will, and working on his farm. Honestly, their TikTok videos are the most wholesome thing to ever come out of the show.

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