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A rundown of Lottie Moss’ dating history, from Made in Chelsea stars to Brooklyn Beckham

Her social circle is incredible

Lottie Moss is currently facing a lot of questions about her dating history, as she’s quizzed by the dating experts on Celebs Go Dating. And it’s no surprise they want to know more, because Lottie has dated some big names in the past.

From MIC stars to band members and nepo babies, Lottie’s social circle is enviable. I mean, what do you expect from the sister of Kate Moss who’s been a big name in London since the moment she stepped out there?

Here’s a full rundown of the known dating history of Lottie Moss.

Sam Prince – 2015

The first public relationship Lottie had was in her late teens, in 2015, when she was dating Made in Chelsea star Sam Prince. A source said at the time: “Lottie and Sam have history but it’s not overly positive. They dated two years ago but Sam wasn’t faithful. They have recently rekindled their relationship and although it’s early days, Lottie’s hoping Sam will behave himself.”

They split in February 2015, and Lottie tweeted about throwing a drink in her ex boyfriend’s face, so I’m guessing it didn’t all end well.

Alex Mytton – 2016 to 2017

Lottie Moss dating history

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Lottie also dated Made in Chelsea star, Alex Mytton. They were together for nine months in 2016. They were regularly pictured out on the London party scene, and having romantic dates at Winter Wonderland.

In a later interview she revealed more about their relationship, including talking about them having a threesome whilst together. Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast Lottie described the threesome with Alex as “awkward” and said it was with one of her female friends.

During their relationship Lottie claimed Alex cheated on her with a university student. They broke up in July 2017 with Alex claiming their separate work commitments made it difficult for them to be together.

Brooklyn Beckham – 2019

Lottie reportedly had a “secret fling” with Brooklyn Beckham in 2019. They are said to have been friends for years, but it was never anything serious between them. That being said, The Sun reported their families found the whole thing “embarrassing”. Yikes.

Roman Kemp – 2020

In 2020, Roman Kemp was spotted on a date with Lottie. A mutual friend told The Sun on Sunday: “They have known each other through the party circuit for a few years, but nothing has ever happened before. Roman’s always thought she was beautiful and decided to pluck up the courage to ask her out. They had a really fun, very tipsy date and have been in touch every day since.”

Apparently things between them just ended up fizzling out.

Tristan Evans – 2021

Lottie Moss dating history

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In 2021, Lottie Moss was dating drummer from The Vamps, Tristan Evans. They were spotted for the first time together in July 2021, after meeting through mutual friends, but in November reports emerged saying it was all over.

Adam Collard – 2023

It’s been rumoured that since meeting on Celebs Go Dating, Lottie and Adam didn’t actually find members of the public they liked during the process, but started seeing one another instead.

In August, Adam and Lottie were spotted sneaking off for secret dates whilst filming the show. A source told The Sun: “It’s been a dynamic and explosive mix of celebs and there was an instant attraction between Lottie and Adam. They have really hit it off behind the scenes.”

Whilst they haven’t been able to reveal much because of Celebs Go Dating still currently airing, the pair have been pictured out together loads, and speaking to The Sun, Lottie said: “Well he’s a lovely guy. We really care about each other.”

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