Ummm, so it turns out Matty Healy was in the original Waterloo Road?

My head can’t quite get over this crossover

In what is possibly the maddest crossover of all time, Matty Healy was in the old-school episodes of Waterloo Road. My head can’t quite come to terms with this.

Ahead of the new Waterloo Road starting, BBC has added the original episodes back to iPlayer, and a quick scroll through the series shows The 1975 man there in all his glory. The show was absolute chaos, with people dying at the school every series and pupils and teachers having affairs, but a cameo from Matty? I fear this tops it all.

According to the Waterloo Road fan Wiki page, Matty made a cameo in series four episode four as an unnamed student. But, after some further hunting, it appears he was definitely in it more than just once.

Matty Healy in Waterloo Road

via BBC

Matty makes another appearance at a house party in series five, kissing Zaarah Abraham’s character, Michaela. He was also in the background of a scene later on in series four, as some classmates head onto a coach.

His biggest cameo on the show was in a music class, where yes, he played! The 1975 playing in the classrooms of Waterloo Road is actually a little bit iconic to me.

His mum, Denise Welch, and his dad, Tim Healy, were of course in the cast too, so does this make him the biggest nepo baby of them all? In his brief appearances on the show, it doesn’t look as though Matty had any lines to learn. Peak. I’m still quite shook at this?!

The Waterloo Road reboot and all the episodes of the original Waterloo Road series are available on BBC iPlayer now.

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