Forced apologies and security in bushes: What actually happens when Islanders fight

In previous seasons Islanders have been removed from the villa after getting violent

Over the years, it hasn’t taken much for a fight to break out in the Love Island villa. Naturally, it’s a pretty intense situation the Islanders are living in, so it’s no surprise they turn on each other and things get heated quite quickly. But, what measures does ITV have in place for when this happens? It turns out, quite a lot.

There are staff members always watching the Islanders, and there have been loads of times when producers have had to step in to diffuse dramatic situations. So, here’s a complete run down of what actually happens in the Love Island villa when a fight breaks out.

There is security all around the Love Island villa, at all times

A spokesperson for Love Island has previously confirmed there is security around the villa 24-hours a day. So, if anything does kick off between the Islanders, there are people on hand straight away.

When there is a fight in the Love Island villa

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We’ve definitely seen this needed in the past, when in season two an Islander was kicked out the villa about half an hour after they arrived, for having a fight. In season two, Malia entered the villa and said she fancied Scott (who was coupled up with Kady). Sitting with the girls, Malia then accused Kady of spilling a drink down her. They had a massive fight and Malia was removed after approximately 20 minutes in the villa.

Malin Andersson, who was in the villa at the time, said in an interview: “It just kicked off. It went crazy. Security rushed in and took [Malia] away and she was never seen again.” Kady has also said the fight escalated further than what was shown on screen.

There have been times before when viewers have spotted what they think are security guards or producers in the bushes, around the villa.

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Islanders have been forced to apologise after a fight, in an attempt to diffuse the situation

Arguably the most memorable fight that’s happened in the Love Island villa featured Faye in 2021. Things got so bad, this moment is the most complained about Love Island moment to Ofcom in history.

When there is a fight in the Love Island villa

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Faye screamed at Teddy when he returned from Casa Amor and the main villa watched the clips from the other villa back. In the episode, Faye was seen shouting and swearing at Teddy after she saw a clip of him telling Clarisse he was sexually attracted to her. Following the scene many people on Twitter said it was uncomfortable to watch and questioned if Faye should be in the villa. A men’s domestic abuse charity released a statement calling her behaviour “unacceptable”.

It was later reported that Faye was ordered by producers to apologise to Teddy, and the apology was aired on Aftersun. “Faye was ordered by producers to apologise to Teddy, and not only that but to grovel for forgiveness,” a source told the MailOnline at the time. “They warned if she refused to back down her place on the show could be in doubt and as the latest arrivals have shown, there’s always a new contestant waiting in the wings.”

If a fight does break out, Love Island cast members are often invited to the Beach Hut to calm down

When there is a fight in the Love Island villa

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Following on from her fight with Malia, it was reported that Kady in 2016 was invited to the Beach Hut to calm down with producers. “To diffuse the situation they had to call Kady in to get her away from it and then somebody would have spoken to her in there and then it was reported back to the rest of us,” Malin Andersson explained.

Plus, Love Island cast members are told what can get them chucked out the villa before they even go on the show

In recent years, ITV has really cracked down with telling Islanders what sort of behaviour will result in them being removed from the villa. Past Islanders being removed include Malia in season two, and Sherif Lanre in 2019, who was made to leave after accidentally kicking Molly-Mae.

Islanders a pre-warned that behaviour such as fighting, being sexually forceful and saying racist slurs will end in them being told to pack their bags.

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