Luke and Jordan from MAFS had fight at PLT Christmas party

What happened during Luke and Jordan’s Christmas party fight, from people who were there

Drinks and ‘slaps’ were thrown as the boys fought at the PLT event last week

Last week it was reported the feud between MAFS UK grooms Luke and Jordan is very much not over, as the boys got into a violent fight whilst both attending the PLT Christmas party. Now, witnesses who were there have described what wen’t down, and just how much they hate one another.

At the time it was reported Luke and Jordan got into a fight at the Christmas event, as their fellow MAFS cast members watched on. Gogglebox star and TikToker Joe Baggs was also there, and has spilled all on the events which caused the two boys to be separated.

“As you might have seen on the show, Jordan and Luke had a disagreement and then Luke had to leave the show with Jay,” Joe explained in a TikTok. “At this party, they’re both there, and things got a little bit heated when they walked past each other.”

He went on to explain how “next thing you know drinks are thrown” and Adrian from the previous series ended up getting his clothes ripped and covered in drink. “Essentially they had a bit of a scuffle, and then had to be calmed down” Joe said.

Joe then said he put in the work and went around the room to gossip with people and ask them if Jordan and Luke actually do hate each other, or if the whole saga is to build up anticipation for their upcoming boxing match. “They do hate each other,” he said. “They absolutely hate each other.”


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When it was first reported on, an onlooker told MailOnline drinks were thrown as Luke and Jordan attempted to slap one another. The source said: “It was really shocking for everyone at the event to witness, it was supposed to be a Christmas party and celebration of the year, but Jordan and Luke really brought down the tone of the evening.

“At first, they completely avoided each other and stayed on separate sides of the event space but eventually their paths crossed. Luke ended up soaking wet after Jordan threw a drink over him, which caused a big commotion among guests. Jordan and Luke started throwing punches at each other before being separated, and Jordan left soon after it happened.”

In a now deleted video after the event, Luke said: “Jordan, honestly, what an idiot. So you chose to chuck a drink at me at an exclusive event. What a fucking idiot you are. I’ll be honest, I was this close to thinking that I might pull out of the fight, but you know what? I don’t want to. Because I want to make a mockery of you. You are nothing but a p*ssy.

“And for Jordan to even be entertaining the idea of fighting me. And for you to then, at an exclusive event, throw a drink on me and then start slapping me in the face. You are getting dropped on the 9th of February at the O2 Indigo. You’re getting f*cked up. You’re an idiot. An idiot brother.”

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