‘How’s the family?’: Love Island exes Maura and Curtis forced into awkward reunion interview

After Curtis was dumped from Love Island Games, it was down to his ex to host his exit chat

It’s been a tough time to be Curtis Pritchard recently. Firstly he was savagely dumped from Love Island Games just a week into the show, and then Curtis had to do his exit interview with his ex, Maura Higgins. Awkward.

Curtis is awkward at the best of times – think Hollyoaks acting and “I came back here to tell you I love you” moments. So, just imagine how awkward you’d think he’d be running in with his ex girlfriend and being forced to do an interview with her, and that’s probably close to how toe-curling it actually was.

For a start, Love Island chose to show them making small talk before the interview really started (thank you for doing the Lord’s work), and Curtis asked Maura: “How’s the family?”. She awkwardly said “good” before licking her teeth and looking out to the distance. Not a great start.

“Long time no see Curtis,” Maura said, as the pair giggled and clearly tried to come to terms with the horrendous situation they found themselves in. Curtis said he was “gutted” to have been dumped, but had a great experience doing Love Island Games.

Exes Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins during Love Island Games exit interview

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Maura and Curtis then chatted about his connection with Lisa Celander, who he was coupled up with on the show and dumped alongside. Curtis and Lisa, who is from the Swedish version of the show, were left vulnerable and the other couples decided then was their time to go.

Curtis went on to tell Maura he should have coupled up with someone else, but had “no balls”. Maura said: “He still has no balls guys,” to which Curtis replied: “She would know!” He then shouted “savage” as he mimicked a stab through the heart. I can’t with this, please.

He confirmed there’s nothing romantic on the cards for himself and Lisa, and then played a quick fire questions game with Maura, talking about his fellow Love Island Games cast members.

Love Island Games shared the entire interview on TikTok, and called it: “A fateful reunion.” People called the chat the “funniest thing ever” whilst another added: “I can feel the awkwardness all the way from South Africa.”

Watch the full post Love Island Games interview with Maura and Curtis here:


A fateful reunion. Maura chats with Curtis on his #LoveIslandGames experience, his relationship with Lisa and all things in between.

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