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Inside all the mega successful businesses owned by the Love Island 2023 cast

This cast really said girl boss

Among the cast of Love Island 2023 there are a number of CEOs, and their businesses were hugely successful without any boost the show might offer. Yep, lots of members of the cast this year have their own brands and companies, which they founded before the villa.

From social media agencies, to clothing brands and wig companies – their talents are very varied. Here’s a rundown of the all business owners in the cast of Love Island 2023, and what their businesses are all about.

Jess Harding

Jess is listed as the CEO of her business, Candy Aesthetics, and started the botox hustle in 2021. Her boujee West London clinic offers treatments including lip fillers (up to £180), jaw line contouring (£230) and fat dissolving (up to £550).

It’s unclear how much Jess’ business is currently worth but it has over 5k followers on Instagram, and offers treatments which cost up to £1,200, with Jess often announcing on Instagram she’s fully booked with customers. Ahead of Love Island, Jess said: “After the show I’d like to set up more clinics. That’s definitely my goal.”

Whitney Adebayo

Before Love Island and during her second year of uni, Whitney launched her wig business, Candy Corner. Whitney has a degree in internet technology and multimedia, and apparently coded the entire website for her brand herself.

In an Instagram post, Whitney wrote: “Like a lot of us girls I’ve had a passion for hair, however I noticed a lot of flaws in the hair industry that I couldn’t overlook which is why I started Candy Corner in my second year of university. The goal was to break traditional beauty standards and social status rooted in the hair industry and build a community that comes together to genuinely support each other through their love of hair.”

Whitney’s company offers a range of different products, including frontal and closure wigs. It also sells raw hair, accessories and bundles. Her frontals range from £180 to £210. According to Companies House, Whitney’s business is pretty profitable, making her in the thousands last year.

Elom Ahlijah

Elom is a fitness coach with his own company that he launched in the UEA, hence why he used to always talk to Catherine about building an empire together. He launched his company, True Gains, in 2022 in Dubai, and at the time spoke of taking a “risk when I left my corporate job to follow my passion” and starting “a new chapter.”

He spoke of “owning a business that solely inspires people around the world to become the best version of themselves” and added: “I only had roughly 1,000 followers on all social media platforms. I am currently doing everything I wanted to achieve and more. but it doesn’t stop here.

“Being able to leave a positive impact on the people around me has to be the biggest thing I’ve accomplished this year so far. I don’t know what 2023 will bring, but I’m going to carry on the year with full vim.”

Leah Taylor

27-year-old bombshell Leah is also a business owner, specialising in social media marketing. According to her LinkedIn, Leah founded Begin With Social, a marketing agency, in 2019. “With vast personal experience in social media management, influencer marketing and influencing, I applied her skills and knowledge to start helping multiple businesses,” her page reads.

The business Instagram says clients have been featured in Forbes and Cosmo, and shares guides such as “how to get the film camera aesthetic” and “content ideas for your clothing brand” – mostly fronted by Leah herself. On Companies House, Leah is listed as the only director for the company.

André Furtado

Ahead of being on the show, OG Islander André owned a clothing brand called Social Kids. The brand has 18.5k followers on Instagram, but the account is currently set to private. It looks like despite having it all set up, the brand hasn’t fully launched – with the website currently asking customers to sign up for early access to drops.

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