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From Crocs to lucky socks: The luxury items the Race Across The World cast took with them

Mobeen took compression underwear because he is a practical king

Did you know the cast of Race Across The World are allowed to take luxury items on their journeys with them? I certainly didn’t – but apparently the season three cast packed their backpacks with a whole host of goodies.

They’re not exactly allowed to pack loads of trash, or anything that might help them along the way, but each person is allowed a designated “travel essential” to come on the road.

Here’s a rundown of all the luxury items the cast of season three of Race Across The World took to Canada with them.

Mobeen and Zainib

Race Across The World series three cast and luxury items they packed

via BBC

Let’s start with husband and wife Mobeen and Zainib because I am bowing at the practicality of what Mobeen chose out of all the luxury items he could have had. He could only take one single thing, anything in the world, and what did he choose? Compression underpants. Love that for him.

On Zainib’s Instagram you can tell she has a passion for makeup and beauty, and she chose to pack hairspray and makeup for their trip.

Monique and Ladi

via BBC

Monique and Ladi have really had a journey – literally and metaphorically. I didn’t think I could rate Monique any more, but then I found out she packed her Crocs and her skincare with her. Honestly, this woman is an it girl. End of.

Ladi took a survival bracelet, which despite me not really knowing what that means, I really can picture for him.

Cathie and Tricia

Race Across The World series three cast and luxury items they packed

via BBC

Ok, Cathie and Tricia really went practical with the packing. Cathie took a St. Christopher, whilst Tricia took a white cane, to aid her vision. This sounds more like an essential over a luxury to me?

Claudia and Kevin

via BBC

If Claudia and Kevin could have packed the Uber app, they definitely would have. Obviously they couldn’t, so Claudia had to settle for some shampoo and conditioner, whilst her dad took a compass and some soap.

Marc and Michael

Race Across The World series three cast and luxury items they packed

via BBC

You might have forgotten about Marc and Michael, as they were the first to get eliminated, so they didn’t exactly get much of a chance to use their luxury items. Marc packed his lucky socks and a St. Christopher, whilst Michael took contact lenses, trainers, and his watch. A varied bunch of goodies!

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