Breaking: Haris Namani has been ‘dumped’ from the Love Island 2023 villa

This comes after footage of him in a fight leaked online

Haris Namani has left the Love Island 2023 villa, it has been reported.

This comes after shocking footage of him involved in a violent street brawl was leaked online. Following the release of the footage, it was reported “his future on the show hung by the thinnest of threads” – but now The Sun has reported he has been dumped from the villa.

According to The Sun, insiders have claimed Haris has left the villa as part of the planned eviction. A source said: “Haris was booted off Love Island last night. There was a dumping and he got the chop. It is, in part, a relief for the show’s bosses in light of the video of Haris in a street fight.”

The shocking video was originally shared on Snapchat, and then has been leaked to The Sun since Haris has been appearing on the ITV show. You can hear someone in the background yell: “Go on Haris” as Haris shouts “I’m not a bully, I’m not a fucking bully”. As he stands over the other person, who is on the floor, Haris says “On my mum’s life…”

In it, the other fighter can be seen tumbling to the floor after a number of punches are exchanged. The video is said to be from May 2021, and was taken after a night out in Doncaster, south Yorkshire.

As a boxer, Haris faces tougher action if seen behaving violently in public. Boxers fists are viewed as “deadly weapons” so violent behaviour can end in more than just assault charges for them.

A pal told The Sun: “We were all surprised when we heard Haris was going on Love Island. He’s got quite a bit of a temper on him and if someone says something he’s more than prepared to have a fight. He’s got an advantage being a boxer and he knows he can cause damage because he trains four times a week.

“He knows what he is capable of because of his training. That kind of stuff has to stay in the ring. I’m surprised ITV didn’t do further checks. I saw the row between him and Shaq and wasn’t surprised in the slightest. That’s the type of guy he is. What you see is what you get.”

Updates on this story to follow. The Tab has reached out to ITV for comment. 

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