Kady and Ouzy unfollow each other on Insta as Mitch claims she had a boyfriend in the villa

There’s messy, and then there’s THIS

In the messiest turn of events, Kady McDermott and Ouzy See have unfollowed each other following leaving Love Island 2023 together – and what makes this all the more dramatic is that this has come right as Messy Mitch himself has gone on a podcast and claimed Kady had a boyfriend the entire time she was in the villa.

When Kady entered the villa as a shock bombshell, there were rumours flown around that she had a secret boyfriend outside the show, who had just been charged with money laundering. ITV said she was single at the time of entering the show, and when approached by The Sun about the relationship, Liam – the apparent secret boyfriend in question – said: “I’ve got nothing to say about that.”

Now, talking about the rumours, Mitch has claimed they’re all true. Speaking to On Demand Entertainment, he said: “You’re calling me and Ella B fake, you came in with a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend to this day.” He said the other girls in the villa said Kady was wearing a bracelet belonging to her “boyfriend” the entire time she was on the show. “You’re boyfriend was at your house whilst you were there and you’re calling me fake,” Mitch said.

Well it looks as though it could be all over for Kady and Ouzy, who she left the Love Island 2023 villa with, as they’ve both unfollowed each other on Instagram just as Mitch made his claims. They had previously posted photos together, and even done a sponsored advert together on Instagram, but now they don’t even follow one another.

Love Island 2023 stars Kady and Ouzy unfollow each other as Mitch claims she had a boyfriend

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This is awkward as at the reunion Kady said Ouzy was going to meet her mum and dog tomorrow – which would have been yesterday (Monday). Yikes!

Update: Kady has now confirmed she and Ouzy have split! Read in full here.

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