The Love Is Blind cast members who have turned to OnlyFans after failing in the pods

Thanks for the offer, but I won’t be subscribing

It seems a few previous cast members of Love Is Blind have taken failing to find love in the pods on the chin, and embracing their new life in the spotlight, have joined OnlyFans.

Previous pod daters from a whole bunch of seasons of the Netflix dating show have joined the site since, and now use the platform for all kinds of different things, from promoting their personal brand to making a little extra money on the side. Here’s a full rundown of all the previous Love Is Blind cast members who are on OnlyFans now.

Shake Chatterjee

Right now it will cost you absolutely nothing to subscribe to the ultimate Love Is Blind villain, Shake Chatterjie, on OnlyFans. He has over 1,000 “fans” on the site, and has posted six times. The free subscription is probably an initial thing, and you may have to pay a fee for additional content later on.

Shayne Jansen

Shayne previously charged $6.99 (about £6) to subscribe to his OnlyFans content for a month, or 50 quid if you wanted to commit to an entire year, but he’s since also opted for the initial free offer. He’s listed as “available now” on the site, where his bio reads “let’s get sassy”. Sure!

Kyle Abrams

Kyle has spoken out about getting an OnlyFans account after being in the cast of Love Is Blind season two. He got engaged to Shaina, which didn’t work out, and then briefly dated his co-star Deepti. After these relationships he signed up for an OnlyFans account.

“I post pictures [on Instagram] and people are like, ‘Oh that’s disgusting.’ Right? Certain pictures,” he told PEOPLE. “Okay, then I’ll put it on OnlyFans so you don’t have to see it, and then people that want to can see it.”

He did clarify that he “wouldn’t do a nude” on his page and right now, it looks as though his profile is more to share an insight into his life. His bio reads: “Follow me for an in-depth look into my personal life and daily routine. Message me with your special requests, relationship advice or anything you’d like to know about me.”

Bartise Bowden

Of course Bartise is on here! On his OnlyFans he describes himself as “your favorite Netflix bad boy” and prompts you to “get to know each other.” I think I’ll pass, but thanks!

Damian Powers

Finally we have Damian Powers, who after becoming a villain in the cast of season one of Love Is Blind, is now pushing an OnlyFans account. It’s initially free to subscribe, on what can be assumed is another sort of try-before-you-buy basis.

He appears to be quite active, and his bio says: “Welcome to my OnlyFans! You’ve probably seen me on season one of Love is Blind and now season one of Perfect Match on Netflix….and now, you can see me here. I look forward to bringing you all exclusive weekly content and getting to know you more! Send request!”

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