Meet Olly Bowman: The Aussie grad taking over your FYP with his shoulder injury dancing

How do I become mates with him?

I’m willing to bet a lot of money your For You page on TikTok right now features a fit Australian guy called Olly Bowman doing a shoulder dance. Yeah, same.

It seems as though from nowhere, overnight, every video we were served just suddenly became him dancing to that stupidly catchy “My Barn My Rules” song and putting it all down to his shoulder injury. Now, I can’t stop watching his life as he discovers Europe and London, and tbh, I hope his shoulder never gets better.

Here’s everything we know about Olly Bowman, the creator taking over your TikTok right now.


Lmk your favourite, remember all attention is good attention (Ib: @Niklas Marton)

♬ My Barn My Rules – MCR-T & horsegiirL

Olly Bowman is 22 and went to uni in Australia, but is currently travelling Europe

Olly Bowman is 22 and from Australia. According to his LinkedIn, Olly went to uni in Sydney and studied business and digital cultures. In 2021, Olly moved to Norway and did part of his degree remotely. He is now fluent in Norwegian, and graduated in May of 2022.

During uni Olly played in a basketball league in Norway, and signed a deal with Sony Music Norway. He released three Norwegian songs, one of which went gold and reached number nine in the Norwegian top 50 charts, and has over 4million streams on Spotify. His Spotify name is Mr Melk, which is the same as his TikTok handle.

Olly is currently travelling Europe, and has been to places in Spain and Italy before now visiting London.

Olly has over 400k TikTok followers, and is best known for his shoulder injury dance

Olly has recently hit 400k TikTok followers and loads of his videos have had over a million views. He’s most popular for his “shoulder injury” dance, which I could try and explain, but I won’t. Instead, here are some videos of him doing it.


Replying to @aleguevaravas applications now open, tag me in your posts, send this to your friends, happy injury 💁‍♀️ #shoulderinjury

♬ My Barn My Rules – MCR-T & horsegiirL


“Fergie doesn’t get me in my feels” said no one ever



Update: I’m still stuck here, call for help

♬ original sound – Olly Bowman

Olly Bowman also works in fitness as well as being a full time TikToker

Right now, Olly is listed on LinkedIn as being a full time TikToker. He’s done brand collabs, and describes his content as “humorous, educational, and relatable”.

As well as his degree, he also has fitness qualifications and is a personal trainer. Whilst at uni, Olly worked as a personal trainer in a gym, and has since co-founded his own fitness company. The brand sells training programmes and has an app, and Olly is responsible for the gym programming, email marketing, branding, advertisements and social media management.

He has 27k followers on Instagram

Olly Bowman, TikTok creator behind the shoulder injury dance

via Instagram @ollybowman

As well as being huge on TikTok, Olly has 27k on his verified Instagram. There he posts more pics hanging around in London, visiting Infernos in Clapham and going on the tube. It’s all good vibes. His handle is @ollybowman.

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