Married at First Sight groom Georges talks about the MAFS edit

Georges drags MAFS co-stars blaming ‘the edit’ for looking bad, says they need to ‘grow up’

‘If your mouth moved, you said those words and pulled that face, be an adult and own your actions’

During this season of Married at First Sight, a lot of the cast have blamed the show’s “edit” for making them looking bad. The cast members themselves have been calling out how edited the show is, and have even been pointing out continuity errors in the show’s final cut, which illustrate just how much things are chopped and changed from how situations really occurred.

However, MAFS UK 2023 groom Georges has now slammed anyone blaming “the edit” for them looking bad, and has said they need to “grow up” and own their actions on the show. In a chat with The Tab, he said if people said the words they said, the edit isn’t to blame.

“Too many MAFS cast members are talking about ‘the edit’,” Georges told The Tab. “If your mouth moved, and you said those words and you pulled that face, be an adult and just own your actions, please. Oh, the edit this, the edit that, grow up.”

Tasha has previously called out the show, and claimed more of her beef with Erica was edited into the show. She claimed her facial expressions weren’t shown at the same time she made them, and said she wasn’t even in the room when she was portrayed as rolling her eyes at Erica at one point.

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She previously said: “I have so much to say. This is an edit! So much of what you’re seeing did not happen in the moment, the comments that were said – of course that was me – in the moment, and you’ll see the rest of the journey but this is an edit.”

MAFS also gets accused regularly of giving cast members topics of conversation, and people have questioned if they are told to say certain things to add drama. Georges said this isn’t the case, and nobody is made to say anything they don’t want to.

“A lot of people [in the cast] are always like ‘oh we got told to talk about things’ but I never got asked to talk about anything I didn’t want to talk about,” he told The Tab. “People say ‘we got forced to say that’ but no you didn’t. You don’t get forced to say anything. There might be a suggestion of things, but you don’t have to say it.”

Georges noted that Nathanial was very good at not saying anything he didn’t want to say, or anything he didn’t agree with. “That’s the difference,” Georges said. “As cast members we are given topics of conversation, like in the honesty box challenge, but nobody was forced to say anything.”

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