Phillip Schofield thinks he will never work again following This Morning affair scandal

Phillip Schofield is ‘very very down’ as he accepts he’ll ‘never work again’

Friends have said he doesn’t feel like he’ll have a ‘fulfilling life’ without showbiz

Since the news hit that Phillip Schofield had an affair with a much younger colleague at This Morning, his career has come crashing down – and now he fears he will never work again. It’s been reported he’s coming to terms with knowing that he will most likely never have a comeback into TV and showbiz.

Schofield has recently been spotted out having dinner with friends and in pub gardens, following going completely off-radar after the scandal in May. He’s been wining and dining with celebrity pals such as Vanessa Feltz, but behind closed doors it’s apparently a very different story for him.

Sources close to Phillip Schofield have said he doesn’t see himself ever having a comeback or going back to work in presenting again, and this has hit him hard. A friend of Phillip’s is said to have told MailOnline: “Phillip has been very, very down recently. He doesn’t know how he is going to work again. Phillip is pretty sure that he is done.

“He keeps saying he will never work again. It’s devastating for him to realise but he also knows that there is not a lot he can do about it. He doesn’t know who will take him. He knows there is no way back to ITV or the BBC.”

Sources close to Schofield say his friends are trying to encourage him to think that he can have a “fulfilling life” away from show business. Another source added: “Just because he may not be on telly again doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy his life. Phil isn’t so sure though.”

This comes as Steve Jones has been announced as the new host of This Morning, filling in the gap Phillip Schofield left. Holly Willoughby had been presenting alongside a variety of different hosts, after Schofield resigned.

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