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Whitney reveals the ‘selfish’ row and one-to-one with Ella was ‘forced’ and ‘misconstrued’

‘The producers obviously forced you to sit there and talk it out’

Flash back to around five or six weeks into Love Island 2023, and you’ll probably remember things were getting a little dry. Casa Amor had just finished, no drama was really happening, and then all of a sudden to two it girls of the season were fighting. Ella and Whitney had a huge row and it looked like their blossoming Love Island friendship was over.

Now, speaking on the Saving Grace podcast, Whitney has basically said that entire row was fake, and the producers made it out to be a lot more than it actually was. What?!

The girls were shown having a disagreement after Whitney branded Ella “the most selfish person I’ve ever met in my life”. They were then sent out to a an elusive garden setting to have a one-to-one and discuss their issues.

Whitney says Love Island 2023 fight with Ella was forced and fake

via ITV

At the time, Whitney said: “This is why I say we’re not friends…If I didn’t think it was true I would take it back, but Ella you are the most selfish person I’ve ever met in my life, it’s true.”

But, it turns out the drama wasn’t all it looked like… at all. Speaking on the podcast, Whitney said she and Ella used to bicker all the time, and their little dramas were nothing, but the producers had other ideas this time.

“The producers obviously forced you and Ella to just sit there to try and talk it out,” host Grace said. Whitney then side-eyed and took a sarcastic sip of her drink before she and Grace again said the conversation Ella and Whitney had outside the villa was “forced”.

Whitney said: “Naturally, me and Ella, we bicker. We bicker and make up, bicker make up. The whole ‘selfish’ comment, I feel like it was over produced.” She said the argument wasn’t at all about Ella going first in the shower, which at the time the viewers were made to believe it was.

“I can see how it was perceived on TV,” Whitney said. “But literally it wasn’t that. It was so misconstrued.”

Oh… right?

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