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Someone’s ex is entering the villa?! Plus dumped Islanders spill who they think is FAKE

The devil works hard, but Love Island producers work harder

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

There are ‘romance rumours’ around dumped Islanders Anna-May and David

They’ve only just left the villa, but hot across all the tabloids today is the idea that Anna-May and David might have some sparks, because they’ve been on a “date”.

This week, they both headed for an interview with Kiss FM and posting a picture of them there, David said: “Been on worse dates.” Oh?! Ok then. 👀

Producers are ‘scrambling’ to find exes of the current Islanders to throw into the villa and one ex has been ‘fast-tracked’ already!

via ITV

Guys! Drama is afoot! Apparently the producers are “desperately scrambling” to find exes of the current Islanders to enter the villa. The Sun is reporting that “in a bid to spice up the show” and to “cause chaos” bosses are “actively on the lookout to cast ex-boyfriends and girlfriends of the Islanders as bombshells.”

One source has told the Sun producers have even offered to fly out new Islanders within days of first approaching them, if they have prior romantic links with the current crop of contestants. Wild!

According to the publication, one former girlfriend of a current Islander has already been approached and fast-tracked to enter the villa, as soon as possible. She and her former villa flame still follow each other on Instagram.

New bombshell Casey already knows two ex-Islanders

Here we go again! The Love Island producers are yet again proving they keep their circles small, as it’s been revealed new bombshell Casey already knows two previous Islanders. The 26-year-old is friends with Montana Brown from the 2017 series, and Joe Garrett from the 2019 series.

via ITV

92 per cent of people think Love Island should be cancelled

The Express has run a poll asking its readers if they think Love Island should be cancelled. As it stands, 92 per cent replied “Yes”. Yikes!!

Ofcom has received 200 complaints about how Zara was treated in the villa

The Express has run a poll asking its readers if they think Love Island should be cancelled. As it stands, 92 per cent replied “Yes”. Yikes!!

Ofcom has received 200 complaints about how Zara was treated in the villa

Last night, Zara was dumped from the villa. In her exit interview for the show, she said Will and Jessie are the couple most likely to go the distance. “If either of them are prepared to travel, or move, their energies really do match up, they really get along with each other,” she said.

Anna-May doesn’t think Tanya and Shaq are all that

via ITV

Tanya may have confessed her love to Shaq, but dumped Islander Anna-May doesn’t think it carries much weight. Looking ahead to Casa Amor, Anna-May told Digital Spy: “I feel like they both kind of have their options open. Well, they did while I was in the villa with them.

“I feel like in Casa Amor if they have a few more girls Shaq’s head could turn again. And I do think Tanya’s head could potentially turn as well. I do think they’re good together, but I feel like they may feel they’re better with someone else. I feel like they both like a test. They like to prove to themselves that they’ll go back together but I feel like there’s only so many tests you can have.”

In tonight’s episode, Kai turns his attention to Olivia

In a look ahead to tonight’s episode, one thing that is going to come around is Kai turning his attention to Olivia. In the morning, Kai catches up with Ron in the garden and discusses his plan to get to know Olivia better.

Kai tells Ron, “No time like the present”, as he calls her over. On the beanbags, Kai puts his talk into action as he tells Olivia: “For the past week I have been thinking I do want to get to know you more.” Olivia agrees as she says: “Yeah me too.”

As Kai and Olivia catch up she says: “Not to blow your head up but you are more my type. But I think that’s obvious because I picked you on the first day.”Kai replies: “You’ll have to graft me a little bit though won’t you?” Olivia laughs as she tells him: “Oh, shut up.”

Is a new connection blossoming? And where does this leave their respective couples?

via ITV

And Ron and Casey battle it out for Lana

Following their date, Casey continues to pursue Lana. The pair have a chat, and then the next morning it seems a battle has begun over breakfast.

Casey heads over to Lana and asks: “How’s it going? Do you want some scrambled eggs? Have you had breakfast? I can make you something.” However, it seems that Ron is already cooking something up in the kitchen. From across the villa Ron cheekily says: “You’re too late mate, it’s all well and good but you’re too late, if you’re going to get on job you’ve got to be quick with it.”

As Casey heads towards the kitchen, Ron laughs as he asks Casey: “Is that it now, is it going to be the race for Lana’s breakfast?”

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