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A Love Island crew member has slated this season’s cast as ‘entitled’ and having bad attitude

Apparently they’ve been stealing extra alcohol

A Love Island crew member has accused the cast this year of being a nightmare to work with, and apparently the team can’t wait for the 2023 series to come to an end tonight.

The final of the series will be shown live later today, with a crew member saying as the final edged closer, Islanders began to feel like they could do what they wanted and became difficult to work with.

According to The Sun, the final eight contestants have wound up staff from the show in the final few days of filming with their “entitled antics” and behaviour in the villa. They also accused them of attempting to steal alcohol, as the villa has a strict two drink per night maximum policy for the cast members.

Love Island 2023

via ITV

The source said behaviour has “nose-dived” in the recent days since the final Islanders found out they’d made it to the final. They said: “It’s been a long summer for some of the crew on Love Island and they’ve been moaning about the attitudes of the final eight stars.

“They have rubbed people up the wrong way. One of them was even accused of stealing alcohol. It’s all become a bit silly. It’s like they know the end is in sight so they can do as they please.”

However, a spokesman told The Sun: “All of our Islanders this year have been fantastic. Our focus is on the final and celebrating a series of love.”


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