A 2023 couple rocked by split rumours?! Plus even more talks of brand deals!

If you thought Love Island was over, you are very much mistaken

Love Island might have finished ages ago, but the drama is still coming in thick and fast. So, welcome *back* to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Umm, apparently Abi was getting close to Pete Wicks at the NTAs?!

There is always drama at the NTAs, and I am absolutely living for the idea of our drama girl Abi cosying up to TOWIE’s Pete Wicks.

In a video obtained by The Sun, the pair were seen “getting close” during the award show afterparty, after she went over to tell him she was a fan. Iconic. There’s pictures of her with her hand on his shoulder, and apparently they spent some time chatting.

An insider told The Sun: “They were both very flirty and took advantage of the loud music to lean in close together. Pete was making Abi throw her head back laughing, as they chatted into the early hours.”

The Faye and Maura NTAs drama continues!!!

The NTAs truly was an event to be spoken about, because in the day after it was reported Love Island icons Maura Higgins and Faye Winter had a huge row there. It was reported the girls had an argument which lasted over an hour, and onlookers claimed Faye had thrown a shoe at Maura.

Later in the night, Maura was reportedly overheard relaying the conversation to her friend and called Faye a “silly cow”. She apparently said: “She’s f*cking embarrassing. I went ‘What do you mean by that’, I went ‘don’t you ever do that to me you silly cow. Don’t you ever speak to me like that’.”

Then, posting on Instagram, both women rubbished the claims, with Faye joking that Maura calls her a “silly cow most days”. Maura did admit the pair were engaged in a “passionate conversation” but said there was “no drama”.

But, The Sun is still insisting the row DID happen, and has since reported it all began over a pair of £1,000 Christian Louboutin heels. An onlooker said: “Faye’s feet were killing her after a long night of partying. When a fan came over to take a picture with her, she took them off for the shot and flung them over to Maura.

“One shoe bounced off the floor and hit Maura as it landed on the sofa next to her. Unfortunately, Maura wasn’t impressed and shouted ‘what the f*** are you doing’ – but it was all a big misunderstanding. Faye hadn’t meant any harm, it was just bad aim having had a few drinks.

“Before anyone knew what was happening the pair of them were rowing at the bar in front of all the other guests as Maura refused to let it slide.”

Has Whitney got a brand deal with Gymshark?!

Word on the street is that Whitney might have a brand deal with Gymshark! Nothing has been confirmed, but she’s been pictured at a store with the caption “watch the space @gymshark”. Whitney has also recently signed to a management, and has been posting with them saying she’s working on something big.

Speaking on the Saving Grace podcast, she said she would never sign a fast fashion brand deal or anything like that for “quick coin” and only wants to work with brands she really cares for. Is this what’s next for her?

People are saying Whitney and Lochan are close to breaking up and honestly, I’m having NONE of it

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Let’s remember this is a gossip column and shares all the news from all over the internet, so you should take it all with a pinch of salt, but The Sun is trying to say Whitney and Lochan are about to break up?! Ummmm, you what?

Apparently the Love Island 2023 finalists sparked “split fears” when they were pictured having “tense” talks at the NTAs. A number of onlookers said the pair “looked miserable” and were “distant” throughout the night.

Someone there said: “Whitney and Lochan looked a bit down and miserable on what should be the best night of the year. They were seen having quiet chats away from their group of mates. At times they looked a bit fed up and Whitney didn’t look impressed. They are a great couple, so it’s worrying to see them showing signs of a split just weeks after going official.”

I’m not having it. NOPE.

There have been loads of updates this week about Love Island: All Stars

This week has been a big week for finding out more about the upcoming Love Island: All Stars series, which ITV has confirmed will be coming in early 2024. It will feature a bunch of iconic former Islanders, and the rumoured cast list looks incredible.

Former stars of the show will be heading to the South Africa villa, where the winter version of the show was held. Maya Jama is expected to host.

There are a few Islanders who are believed to be taking part, as well as some more rumoured Islanders from Love Islands gone by. Megan Barton-Hanson and Georgia Steel are believed to be taking part, and 2017 winner Kem Cetinay has also been rumoured. Here’s a full list of the names in talks.

Whitney has said the ‘selfish’ row with Ella was ‘forced’ and made out by producers to be much more than it actually was

Love Island 2023

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Remember after Casa when not a lot was happening in the villa and then all of a sudden Whitney and Ella had a falling out and were sent out the villa for a one-to-one to chat things through? Whitney has now said that was hugely blown out of proportion, and was “forced”.

At the time, Whitney called Ella “the most selfish person” she’d ever met and said they “weren’t friends”. But now, she said this was “forced” by producers, and added: “Naturally, me and Ella, we bicker. We bicker and make up, bicker make up. The whole ‘selfish’ comment, I feel like it was over produced.

“I can see how it was perceived on TV. But literally it wasn’t that. It was so misconstrued.”

To conclude, one Love Island TikTok everyone needs to see

TikToker and impressionist Ruby Waghorn has done all the Islanders ordering a Starbucks and it’s spot on.

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